It's Official - I Make More Each Week in DeepOnion Than My Regular Job

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Hey all!

So, I wanted to share a little something with you everyone. The DeepOnion airdrop has officially started making me more money than my regular job.

.. and I don't flip burgers at McDonalds. I have a degree in Electronics Engineering and work in Robotics for one of the largest companies in the world. However, once we get down to brass tax, this week I made over $800 more in FREE AIRDROPS from DeepOnion than I made on my regular paycheck.

Even though I work with other cryptocurrencies and make profit off of that from mining, investing, trading, etc. JUST with DeepOnion there's a potential I could quit my job and do crypto full time.

But, I'm #hodling. I keep my earning and reinvest myself into this wonderful community.

Week 6 of 40 airdrops happened this morning and here are my stats:

Week 6 Airdrop:

Current value of 1 DeepOnion:

I think that goes to show why I'm so active in the community and why I support this project so much. Besides the obviously nice income from the airdrop, I can see DeepOnion being a long term high value coin. The #TOR integration, low coin supply and features such as DeepSend will propel this coin beyond the stratosphere.

$10+ in the future? I can definitely see that happening.

Applications for the airdrop are currently suspended due to a system upgrade. However, they should be back up within the next couple of days. In the meantime, get familiar with the application rules and bookmark this link so you can apply when available!!

I'll make a Steemit post when applications are back open!!

Until then, follow, upvote & resteem for more crypto content!!

Also, you can donate ONIONs here:


nice, how and where do you sing up for the air drop.

Check out the link posted where is says "Applications are suspended for a system upgrade"

Bookmark that link. Once it becomes available again you can register there.

Hi, I'm new, could you explain that it's "holding"

hold is actually HODL. although they are used interchangeably, HODL means Holding on for dear life. In crypto the swings in the market are really wild and you dont know if the coin that you bought is going to drop like a rock or fly high. So you HODL through the roller coaster

Holding means keeping the coins in your wallet and not spending them. The value of DeepOnion will increase steadily. The longer you have "strong hands" the better off you'll be in the future

Wow incredible .. i hope so the coin go to 10 dollars ! ^^
You make part of the official equip (because you sent onion etc ) or you just a men go to onion at the start so the best moment ?

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