DeepOnion's unique features that make it better than Bitcoin

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Bitcoin is the undisputed king of cryptocurrencies. Since its inception nearly a decade ago, it has continually risen over the overwhelming odds stacked against it. And it’s not even close to reaching its full potential. But despite its status as the best and first crypto, Bitcoin still has its own glaring flaws.deeponiongold.png

Take DeepOnion for example. The cryptocurrency was launched in the middle of 2017, but it has already been generating a lot of noise in its own right. But how is DeepOnion going to compete with Bitcoins supreme features?

First of all, Bitcoin runs on the open web, DeepOnion runs on the Tor network. This enables DeepOnion to mask its users’ IP addresses and put anonymous network IDs in its place. DeepOnion’s primary focus is privacy and reducing the likelihood of its users being attacked or hacked. Using the DeepOnion wallet, sending and receiving anonymous transactions has never been easier.

Remember the WannaCry ransomware attack? Well, the internet remembers. Shortly before DeepOnion was released, there was a worldwide cyberattack instigated by the WannaCry ransomware cryptoworm. It targeted Windows computers by encrypting data and demanding ransom payments in Bitcoin. The attack affected more than 300,000 computers, most of them making $300-$600 payments with Bitcoin.

Could something like this happen to the DeepOnion platform? It’s doubtful. And that’s exactly where DeepOnion’s strengths lie. It has nearly 10 years worth of Bitcoin’s experiences and failures to gather wisdom from. DeepOnion will not repeat Bitcoin’s mistakes. Rather, it’s learning and applying what made Bitcoin so successful while adding a few ingenious weapons to its arsenal.

Take the DeepVault for example. It’s a DeepOnion feature that allows users to store valuable information inside the blockchain. Using a hash to verify changes in files, it protects user data and allows users to check the integrity of their files over time. Features like these will ensure that DeepOnion will be competitive in the crypto market. Top 10 status for this cryptocurrency is definitely in the cards.

DeepOnion has a very detailed roadmap authored by its developers. 2018 is going to be a big year for the cryptocurrency, as it will be working to add more and more features to its name. One such upcoming feature is DeepSend, which will add even more privacy to transactions by using a pool to forward coins to its users, effectively masking all sources and destinations. This will be just another layer to the armored fortress that is DeepOnion. And with the mobile app coming soon, more people will be able to discover for themselves just how powerful and secure DeepOnion can be.

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