DeepOnion About To Hit The Half Year Mark – Congratulations!

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It was only some weeks ago that I learned about the DeepOnion project while searching for promising newcomers in the cryptocurrency market. During my research I eventually ended up on the DeepOnion website and this project caught my interest immediately. A strong focus on anonymity by building directly on top of the Tor network and making payments untraceable with DeepSend pretty much caught my attention from the get-go. The project's name references Tor and it really is a catchy name. It simply sticks for some weird reason. Marketing experts may or may not agree, but I am really having trouble coming up with a better name. During my research I realized that none of the coins on top of the market have the word “coin” in their name, except for Bitcoin and Litecoin of course. Even though this is probably nothing worth mentioning and it certainly would not prevent this project from succeeding, it still cannot hurt to avoid using the word “coin”. Statistics seem to be in DeepOnion's favor here.

Anyhow, so I decided this project is definitely worth a more detailed investigation. After familiarizing myself more with what DeepOnion is all about, what features are already out there and what is still to come in the near future, I was sure to be on to something here. And my instinct did not betray me. The development has a heavy focus on useful features which is exactly what new projects need to do nowadays. I am totally convinced that the days of simply releasing a new coin and then trying to persuade the public that there is value when there really is not are absolutely over. Bitcoin and Litecoin still enjoy this luxury because these names have kind of turned into global brands, but newcomers have to actually deliver useful stuff. DeepOnion has managed to excel at this right away by releasing the highly useful DeepVault feature. Sure, others will copy it but the one who came first always enjoys a huge advantage and DeepOnion is about to occupy the pole position. In part this is due to a great way of marketing and promoting the project by virtue of a highly dedicated community that is growing at an incredible rate.

Which brings me to the part I really like best about this project. I am really not much of a forum guy and I hardly ever end up joining one, but the community at DeepOnion simply rocks. I have come across a few promising projects which basically did not have any community worth speaking of and I never would have considered joining any of these forums. At DeepOnion though I immediately felt welcome. Great people who are always willing to help, close to zero spam of any sort and a very high level of activity around the clock are just a few of the great thing I have experienced. The people in this forum believe in the project as much as the developers do and the creativity when it comes to spreading the word amazes me. There even is a rap video about DeepOnion which looks extremely professional.

I really have not been part of this movement for very long and I regret I did not find out about DeepOnion earlier than I did. Nonetheless, I have already started feeling as if I had been part of this from the beginning. Nobody really knows what the future is going to look like, I am not clairvoyant and nobody I have ever come across really is. It is simply silly to make any specific predictions, especially not in the cryptocurrency market, but there is one thing I am very sure about: The future for DeepOnion does look very bright indeed. On January 6th 2018, the DeepOnion project will celebrate its half-year anniversary. Congratulations to everyone who has contributed to what one day most likely will become a household name in the cryptocurrency market! I am really looking forward to seeing what the next six months are going to bring.

For up-to-the-minute information, please visit the DeepOnion website:

Disclaimer: This article only represents my personal opinion. I am not a financial advisor, so please do your own due diligence before making any investment decisions.

About the author: I am a software developer who lives in Berlin, Germany.

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I think DeepOnion already is a household name. With inclusion on bigger exchanges, it’s foothold in the cryptocurrency scene is growing larger.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Its reputation is growing for sure but still a long way left to go. As of today, only insiders know about DeepOnion. Around the same time next year things might already look very different.