DeepOnion Whitepaper 2.0

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Hey #crypto
For the last days, the DeepOnionx core TEAM is choking us all with so many updates, showing us how they doing their hard work.
I have read the updated #DeepOnion Whitepaper 2.0 here >
And if you don't read it yet, do it right now.
Something big is coming!


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Great work! Waiting Smart Contracts and DeepSend too.

I‘m agree, something big ist coming. I can’t wait for DeepSend. No other privacy coin combines so many features at once. DeepOnion is my hidden gem!

Thanks for posting the Whitepaper, getting into it right now.

the niche of deeponion, for me, is deepsend! Let's dominate

I think DeepOnion is one of the most potential privacy crypto coins and one of the most feature rich crypto projects to date. I'm confident DeepOnion will go far in the future. Deeponion never seizes to surprise me with newly announced features and how the dev team is able to reach all the milestones of the roadmap.

Hey brother! Very well written.
I am so excited for the fact that even in such a bear market DeepOnion team is making maximum use of the time in hands. SO many updates and the WhitePaper is a treat to read.
I liked the previous WP as well. But this one gives an in depth view of what we truly want to achieve.
Very excited for DeepSend and Deepvalut's future.

These updates are incredible, I do not know how these people do everything so well, and so fast, the update of the Whitepaper brings improvements and objectives that only a person who wants to be a millionaire will understand, it is a great project, thank you very much for sharing.

Great news, thanks for sharing... it's very difficult to distinguish good projects from those that close before they start their development...DeepOnion Devs and Mods are doing a great marketing work and DeepOnion is rising fast.

Definitely worth checking out with all the constant developments. Incredible price at the moment as well! VoteCentral is my favourite recently, but this new WhitePaper looks stunning and suits the website really well. Great job everyone.

The new white paper is a big advancement from the old one. It's beautiful, modern and colorful.

DeepOnion are a bargain at the moment, the devolvement team brings new updates each week, and now we start to get ready for DeepSend next quarter. The future looks bright for DeepOnion.

After reading the Whitepaper, DeepOnion looks very promising. I hope they can deliver on the timelines.

yeah this is a kind of coin that i will HODL even it red times comes :D it such a very good project that has innovative development !

The future looks bright for DeepOnion. DeepOnion Devs team are doing a great job.Thanks for posting this valuable Whitepaper.

Awesome, so many good comments. In DeepOnion we trust!

Thanks for informing the community about this new and updated Whitepaper of DeepOnion. It certainly has a better look than the first version and some changes needed to be made to reflect the current plans the developers have for this coin. A lot of things that have been talked about in the first Whitepaper have been implemented, so this also needed to be mentioned.

In addition to updating the white paper, the official site was also updated. The work is on.

I like this new version of the White Paper. It looks very professional. Really compliments a great job.

I've learn so much by just reading this whitepaper. I can say that a lot of achievement of DeepOnion really excite us. I thank the dev team for being so productive.

I've been following this project for a long time. I'm interested in the anonymity concept of the token
the team works a lot
I hope this all will affect the very token

I have never seen such a great white paper for a crypto project. The details are clearly laid out about DeepOnion and the Info-graphics are outstanding!.

I am so excited about this released! I like the new layout and color of this one. More professional looking and looks so neat. After reading this, I know DeepOnion will be huge someday. Thanks for sharing it with us! Keep up the good work.

This project is so popular and I like their features like DeepVault, DeepSend which will make this crypto totally untraceable, DeepPoints are back in the VoteCentral platform!

I'm not a blockchain developer or IT guy, I'm just an investor who believes in the people's revolution: cryptocurrency. I've tried to read some whitepapers and it was like taking 10 hits of Ambien--a deep sleep was assured. But when I read the DeepOnion whitepaper, I learned a lot about not only DeepOnion but cryptocurrency in general. Anyone new to crypto should read this whitepaper as a learning tool, even if they don't plan to invest in DeepOnion. But anyone looking to make a sound investment in the best privacy coin out there today, should buy DeepOnion. $ONION.

Great to see this shared here too. I must read for any holder.

This whitepaper contains great info, I'm translating it so I'm reading it in details!

I meet such a serious work as DeepOnion Whitepaper v2.0 for the first time. It is very interesting how the assigned tasks will be performed. Good luck to the command and community.

I like new whitepaper, it looks really amazing!
Reading the "future visions" you can have a really nice view of where DeepOnion will be ;)

TOR + Stealth Address + PoW + PoS + Vault + Smart Contract + Lightning - One of the promising crypto out there! :D

very interesting whitepaper! i like it

Having DeepOnion whitepaper it gives us many good updates

Fantastic achievement by the DeepOnion team. The new whitepaper is looking so much more contemporary and with their list and exciting features ticked off as well as growing, success is the only destination for them.