DeepOnion - Welcome To The Future of Crypto-currency!

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Welcome To The Future Of Cryptocurrency!

It is no longer news that digital currencies are the future of financial transactions. With this revolution, we have seen several ICOs with the emergence of various altcoins. As we progress in this era, concerns relating to security and delayed confirmation of transactions have come up. This is partly driven by the activities of hackers and uninvited government agencies and loopholes in the technology involved. Given these challenges, investors have lost their online privacy and resources and the future seems to be eluding us. However, with the emergence of DeepOnion which is a TOR-integrated anonymous coin, the future is here!

DeepOnion is a hybrid cryptocurrency having a number of upgrades and special features such as the proof of stake (PoS), X13 proof of work (PoW) algorithm and full integration with The Onion Router (TOR) network. PoS present a 60seconds block target and provides long term economic value and stability to early adopters. As a result, users have an incentive to expand the network which will have a positive effect on transaction times. In other words, transactions get faster with expansion of the network. Apart from the stated features, DeepOnion keeps adding more based on the commitment of the development team. Prominent is the soon to come DeepSend feature which will further enhance existing security features and boost transaction speed.

The DeepOnion team comprises of 4 individuals who are top level professionals in software development, SEM marketing, big-data and cloud computing, branding/marketing and blockchain technology. The decision of the team to opt for pre-mining in place of ICO or crowdfunding is premised on the team’s commitment to the community. 

Market Value

DeepOnion has displayed remarkable potentials in the cryptomarket. Within a week of its listing on Novaexchange, it soared from 0.000002BTC/ONION to 0.00012750BTC/ONION indicating 500% leap at a market capitalization of $1.673million. Currently, DeepOnion trades at 0.00031507BTC with a market cap of $3.85million. There are currently about 3,315,252Onions in circulation, these figures are expected to rise with the incoming DeepSend technology and free airdrops.

DeepOnion Roadmap – The Past, Present and Future: 

DeepOnion has really come a long way since the team decided to make public pronouncements about it in July 2017. Here is a breakdown of past events and what users should expect:

July 2017: 

⦁ DeepOnion Pre-Announcement

⦁ Formal Launch Of DeepOnion And Release Of Details About Airdrop

⦁ Commencement Of Mining And DeepOnion Blockchain

⦁ Commencement Of Mining And DeepOnion Blockchain

⦁ Launch Of DeepOnion Forum

⦁ Signature Campaign Began With First Airdrop Which Will See To The Distribution Of 12.5million Onions In 40 Airdrops.

⦁ Announcement Of DeepOnion Bounty Programs

⦁ Signature Promotion Applications Ready For Users To Sign Up For Free ONION Airdrops

⦁ The Main Journey Began In July 2017 With The Launch Of DeepOnion Website At DeepOnion.Org

Q3 2017

⦁ Release Of Paper Wallet And Brain Wallet

⦁ Introductory YouTube Video Campaign Began

⦁ Social Media Campaign Commences

⦁ DeepOnion Trading At Exchanges Commences

Q4 2017

⦁ Generation Of Written And Video Contents For Social Media And Other Platforms 

⦁ Video Bounty Campaign With Basic Samples From DeepOnion Wallet Using DeepSend Features

⦁ DeepSend – Next Level Technology In Blockchain Anonymity Is Expected To Be Launched Before End Of The Quarter

Q1 2018

⦁ Add Feature Allowing Users To Securely Put Any Data Into The DeepOnion Blockchain

⦁ Launch Of Wallets For Mobile Devices Using The iOS And Android Operating Systems

⦁ Hiring A Public Hero To Champion Video Contents For Marketing Purposes

⦁ DeepOnion Vote Central Establishment

Q2 2018

⦁ Completion Of Free Airdrop

⦁ ONION Accepted Games Expected 

⦁ More Shipping Sites Accepting Onions Expected

⦁ Onions Expected To Be Traded In More Exchanges

⦁ Adding Modern Features And Future Advancement To The Blockchain Technology

⦁ Supporting Smart Contracts

⦁ Main Stream Media Actions

Q3 2018

⦁ DeepOnion Expected To Be More Defined With The Community Taking The Lead And Defining New Features And Directions.

Beyond the third quarter of 2018, DeepOnion will be expected to have gained a larger market share and market capitalization with real economic value accruing to early adopters and other end users. Also, more features are expected to be added as part of the development team’s commitment.

Why you should be Part of DeepOnion:

⦁ TOR (The Onion Network)

The TOR anonymity network is non-centralized free software for enabling anonymous communication. It directs internet traffic in such a way that conceals the identity and location of the user.

How it works: When connection is initiated, the TOR protocol finds an entry node where the incoming data will be joining the TOR network. A TLS (Transport Layer Security) cryptographic protocol which is a safer version of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is created. In a nutshell, the data passes through extensions of the entry node and nodes that will be newly created. The new nodes make up the middle and exit nodes where data will be leaving the TOR Network. These nodes ensure anonymity and security along the data path as connection is made via an encryption key. This supporting feature of DeepOnion revolutionizes blockchain/client connectivity leading to secure transactions.

Losses due to hacking of cryptocurrency wallets are now prevalent. Although we are made to believe that digital currency transactions involving other cryptocoins without the TOR protocol is anonymous and secure, in actual fact this is not true. Anonymity in this context only means your desktop wallet does not bear your name or physical address. However, computer IP addresses are inadvertently broadcasted and users get exposed to hackers and other nefarious elements who can easily trace where transactions originate from. This drawback is addressed with the TOR network and further gives credibility to DeepOnion.

⦁ No ICOs or Crowdfunding

The coins known officially as “Onions” has 90% pre-mined at genesis block already. This leaves 10% to be mined by the public. Most of the pre-mined Onions up to 70% will be made available to the DeepOnion community by up to 40 rounds of free airdrops. 20% will be used for bounties, rewards and promotions while 10% of the entire block will belong to the development team. Therefore, with DeepOnion, no ICO or crowdfunding!

⦁ Free Airdrops

A total of 12.5 million Onions will be distributed via free airdrops. To be a part of this, it is required that you have an active bitcointalk account with the DeepOnion promotion signature. Then, make 10 valid, unique and helpful posts per week throughout any of the threads. Only bitcointalk accounts that are valid prior to 12th July, 2017 are eligible for the next round of airdrop. Visit for more on airdrops.

⦁ Speedy Confirmations

Cryptocurrency transactions can take a while to get confirmed as a result of several “protocols.” DeepOnion transaction confirmation time is faster than that of any other digital currency. This implies users can send and receive money within a very short time.

⦁ Nova Exchange

Nova Exchange is a Swedish-based cryptocurrency exchange where literally every cryptocoin can be traded. DeepOnion is listed on Novaexchange and it’s currently being traded against other cryptocoins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. This is enhancing the market value of DeepOnion.

⦁ Highly Secured and Easy to Use Wallet

The DeepOnion wallet is QT-based with versions for Windows, Linux and Mac. Transactions with this wallet are anonymous and 100% untraceable. It is also easy for users to back up their wallets for use on other computers. Using the DeepOnion wallet presents complete anonymity as a unique network IP “.onion” address will be generated for users. This address has no physical or geographical location, thus it is impossible to trace it. The QT-based wallet also allows users to send and receive anonymous messages over the network.

How to Acquire Some Onions

At the moment, there are basically 2 ways to getting on the train:

⦁ Purchasing at

⦁ Free via airdrop

You will be required to have a wallet for you to be able to own some of these coins. Visit to download the DeepOnion wallet. There are options for Windows Linux and Mac users.

It is evident that DeepOnion features supersede that of bitcoin and other altcoins. Security, speedy transactions and online anonymity is what any crypto-investor would love to have in order to enhance safety of digital funds; these are the benefits available to early adopters of DeepOnion and indeed every user. Operating DeepOnion also helps to increase the nodes on the TOR network, further creating an avenue for several online users all over the world to have anonymity. DeepOnion has a strong growing community of users who are active on the forum where real support is provided. Users also have the opportunity to air their views on issues relating to the future of the coin. In addition, there are giveaways which are strictly for members.

Join the DeepOnion community today at:

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