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 Well, in the past few weeks, we have seen how DeepPoints has helped build up the community. For some statistics DeepOnion has an average of 320 daily online users whilst BitcoinTalk only has 205 daily online users. Just in a few months DeepOnion has surpassed one of the most respected sites in the cryptocurrency world in regards to user popularity. We are already the 2nd most visited thread in BitcoinTalk history and soon to be first place. It is quite remarkable all the social media exposure we are getting thanks to the Deep Domination Tasks started by one of the devs @Deeper. If you still don’t know what DeepPoint is, I will suggest you read on:  

What are DeepPoints?  

A new reward system was launched few weeks back by the development team as a means of showing appreciation to active members of the community who are always dropping helpful posts and promotional materials to advance the course of DeepOnion. So, this reward system would allow you to earn points – DeepPoints – for every like your activity receives. The most interesting part of this is that you receive Onion tokens every Sunday for accumulated DeepPoints and subsequently get to exchange it for Onions. Think about the whole thing as DeepPoint airdrop occurring every Sunday.  

What are the Rules?  

Of course, it is necessary to have guiding rules in place in order to prevent anyone from circumventing the system. Here are the rules:  

  1. Make only original posts. In other words, plagiarized contents do not count. 
  2. Ensure the quality of your contents. Spamming will be counterproductive and may cause you to get banned. 
  3. Do not generate fake likes or followership. Moderators have a way of checking who creates accounts for personal likes to their main accounts.
  4. Breaking any of the rules attracts a ban from DeepPoints and likely the forums and regular airdrops. 

How are DeepPoints Allocated?  

  • 1 Daily login - 5Like DeepPoints  
  • 1 New Post – 1Like + 1Like for Every 200 words  
  • 1 New Thread – 5Likes + 1Like for Every 200 words  
  • Reply on 1Thread – 1Like  
  • 1Vote for 1Poll – 1Like  
  • 200 words – 1Like  
  • 1000 words – 5Likes  
  • 1New follower – 5Likes  
  • 1 Avatar Upload – 5Likes

Obviously, this is another great initiative by the development team. The forum has since lighted up with helpful contributions since the introduction of this new feature as many users who have been hiding away now have a reason to become active. In addition to the forum activity, you can visit the “Deep Domination Tasks” section where DeepPoints can also be earned for completing promotional tasks that are capable of growing the community.  Having stated all that about DeepPoint, there is absolutely no excuse for not amassing more Onions this season. So, what are you waiting for? We will love to have your contributions. 

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Very informative article about a nice system implemented in a crypto project forum to keep people coming back. Love DeepOnion Community!

deeppoints are a great way for new members to accumulate deeponions as they are converted in the sunday airdrop. the deeppoints system has proven to be a very popular addition to the deeponion forums

I m not eligible to participate in the airdrop. But I got free Onion coins from DeepPoints, thank you dev.

Thank you for article. I joined and manage to collect 110 Onions in week, it's really great way to get Onions required for participation in Fridays airdrop. I'm happy, because I'm in ;)

Nice synopsis about what are the DeepPoints.

DeepPoint allow people to get some $ONIONs, even if these people are not able to participate in the main airdrop.

So don't loose your chance. Join to this big and fantastic community, participate and earn some DeepPoints.

DeepPoints is awesome way to earn deeponions if you didn't get into airdrop. I for starters got pulled into deep onion that way. Take a look , read around and praticipate if it looks promissing.

Very nice concept to keep users active around the community. It seems DeepOnion community is growing everyday since it implemented DeepPoints.

Yes, the whole strategy of DeepOnion team is to make bigger and better community around it. In my opinion they are succeeding, because i see the statistics too. Great job!

DeepPoints is an easy way to earn Onions, the community is great and responsive.
The price grown quickly, let's go to the moon..

Thank you for the thorough explanation of DeepPoints. As a newer user this guide has been really helpful for me to understand the system. DeepPoints seem like a great way to reward user engagement, and I look forward to participating in the airdrop on Sundays!

Nice explanation about deeponion and deeeppoints. it will make newbie know how is deep onion community, how he share the airdrop to us. everybody not have chance join airdrop still can participate with deep point is a great news!

adding deeppoints in the community is one of the best way for newcomers to accumulate deeponions.
now they do not have to worry where will they take the onion needed to increase their receivables on friday airdrop.

Very nice explanation of the new DeepPoints system. I have analyzed it and see that the main target, a broad and fair coin distribution, is becoming more and more reality. More than 1.600 wallets participated in 3 weeks of DeepPoints airdrops.

Thank you for the clear article! I really like the DeepPoints system and it is good to see that the community and the developers are working hard on this project.. With the price per onion hitting the 1 dollar mark, I am all happy...

Deep Onion's strategy in spreading their coin is very unique in its own way. They are encouraging people in their forum to be active and express their thoughts while earning deeppoints, very fair indeed.

The implementation of the DeepPoints system really had a very positive impact on the development of the community as a whole. Even those who have recently registered and can not participate in airdrop, get onions for their activity in the development of the project. Peace to all and good luck.

DeepPoints is a great way to earn DeepOnions if you do not have the necessary Onions to register for the main airdrop. It also keeps active members among the growing community day by day.

In addition DeepPoints is the community points that will turn into cryptocurrency specifically into Onion every Sunday Airdrop. DeepPoints is easy to get but just dont abuse the DeepPoints tasks so that you will not be banned in the community thats all thank you !

DeepPoints is a good chance for newbies to get free Onions and collect first 100 coins for participation in weekly fridays airdrops. And system of likes and rewards for domination tasks are good motivation to be active member of community and help project to become wellknown. Last month deeponion community got +3 thousands on new members. Community grows. Price of DeepOnion grows too)

Thanks for explaining Deeppoints. I was confused earlier how was each task awarded but it's all do clear now.

Very nice article, man! This feature definitely will boost the participation of the users in the forum and will make the distribution process much more democratic. At the sime time, however, we must take care, because something like this can be easily abused.

Deep Onion is a good opportunity to develop your skills in the crypto currency and make good money in your free time. Also I can say that such a community as very much helps the newcomer as a council so video guides on which everything is detailed.

Really useful article! Yes, the DeepPoints system is simply lovely!
and thanks to the "deep domination task" more and more person are getting into DeepOnion...I'm sure the future will be shiny for DeepOnion!