Rise Of The One World Financial Disorder!

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Central Bank Coup

Whatever your analysis of the Coronavirus (and there are many) it's fair to say it is feeding a state of high anxiety. From my perspective, I believe that pop culture has been deliberately and insidiously nudged towards a fragile mindset (safe space culture) in order that in times of distress and social unrest we look to our governments to offer us refuge, comfort, and safety. Alas, everything has a price and whilst we willingly trade freedom for security I ponder the machinations of the vultures outside our shrinking Overton windows.

One thing is for sure, from mega-corporations to the man on the street, overnight a sizeable majority of people have become reliant on the benevolence of our governments and privately owned central banking institutions. And as the Fed moves to take a stake in the corporations and companies they're bailing out, I urge you to look up the definition of the merger of state and corporate power.

They are breaking down both our financial and social structures in order that they can be rebuilt in their long-desired image. They are buying up the stock market, corporate debt, government debt, municipal debt, nationalising industry, and feeding cheap dollars into a worldwide central banking mechanism that appears intent on accumulating as many assets as possible! Whether you perceive it valid or not, the truth is that people are so hypnotised by a media-fuelled feedback loop of their fears and financial insecurities that they're cheering it on!

This is a central bank-led coup and despite what the average armchair economist may tell you this is not a move being made out of desperation! This is a power grab of epic proportions and profound implications and they are buying up the world with money that has never existed and with a financial model that could easily collapse. When it does collapse they will retain control over all the assets/debts they've used this crisis to accumulate. Conversely, they could have algorithmically found a way to keep this monetary dog and pony show going. Perhaps they've already got some kind of shadow system operating in the background, piggy backing off the financial markets? Thus enabling a smooth-er transition into a digital dollar. Who knows for sure, all bet's are off, we are in uncharted territory, history is being made and historical contexts are being redefined.


Digital Dollar

As dirty cash becomes tainted with the virus, and in a move that is being welcomed by several high level crypto investors, through its coronavirus stimulation bill, the fed are also looking to create a digital dollar (to get the money to those in need of course). Let me be clear, whilst you will see rises in crypto and an endoresment of the underlying tech, understand that if you're cheering it on you are being paid off! They have weaponised our greed and dreams of wealth and are now inviting us to join their central bank blockchain gang.

To the average Joe trying to make sense of all this, the fed is not helping us out, they are selling us out! This is a cold scientifically calculated business move that has been a very long time in the planning. Through fear they have cultivated a state of financial and psychological acquiescence and through the ideologies of certain new age belief systems and conspiracy theories, they have created a state of philosophical and spiritual compliance. As some are rubbing their hands and waiting for their metals and crypto's to rise on the back of a collapse, Q patriots are sitting tight and trusting in the plan! But, whilst they feast upon the zombified corpse of the old order, did you not think they would throw you some bones to chew on? Is it wise to count sheep whilst the vultures circle upon the wastelands of our deserted hopes and dreams?



Alongside a new financial system and as I highlighted both below and in my last post; this crisis opens the backdoor to a 5G enabled medical tyranny the likes of which the world has never seen, for safety comes at a price, yearly mandated (5G tracked) corona vaccinations linked to jobs/banks/travel here we come! Equally with bandwidth issues being reported it also justifies a fast paced worldwide 5G rollout.

Or how about these new coronavirus detecting CCTV camera's coming to UK (then the worlds) offices. And don't forget the Chinese can now use their facial recognition technology (the same as we've been trialling in the west), thermal tracking, and thermal drones to track the virus, plus those 5G patrol robots are certainly going to come in handy. And don't forget that many governments are now seeking the right to indefintely detain anyone they suspect of having covid-19. What would we do without our loving governments tirelessly working towards our best interests?

5G patrol robots are being deployed to monitor mask-wearing and body temperatures in public places while an intelligent robot developed in a week will be used to disinfect hospitals. Source


World Government

Oh and here is former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown advocating gifting the IMF and World Bank an increase in financial firepower and asking for the implementation of a “global government” to tackle the coronavirus.

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund needed an increase in their financial firepower to cope with the impact of the crisis on low- and middle-income countries, he said. Source


Final Thoughts

Let me be very clear, these moves do not weaken either the banking or the control system, they strengthen its grip and penetration into every aspect of our lives. The central banks are not our saviors they are opening the backdoor to a new financial order the implications of which will take years to play out, whilst remaining beyond the comprehension of both the idealists and those waiting in line for their crumbs. Checkmate! This move makes Bernie Sanders look like Bernie Madoff, except this time they intend to make off with your freedom. Welcome to the dawn of our depraved new world disorder!

Thank you for reading, until next time I will leave to decide who has the perceptualflaws.


Written by perceptualflaws
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#nailedit! Great article, I only wish more people understood whats going on right now.. Most people think Im just a tinfoil hat wearing mofo whenever I try to explain this stuff to them..

People have been intentionally dumbed down for decades while indoctrination runs rampant throughout our "education" systems..

Thank you for the kind words my friend, and yes I can certainly relate .. unfortunately, I feel that (over the coming years) many people are going to be getting a wake-up call and will wish they'd paid closer attention to the direction we're being taken in, it brings me no pleasure to say that and this will certainly not be a case of "I told you so".

Equally, with the increasing inflitration of UN inspired worldwide common core, I also fear our education systems will get progressively (pun intended) worse. Thanks again dude!

Isn't it amazing that all these famous actors, musicians, politicians and royals get it, yet I know nobody who knows anyone who has it! They think we button up the back but before too long, it might just start to backfire. We need to be ready for anything.
Have a look at Kevin McCairn PhD yt channel if you get the chance. He is a world renowned semi retired neuro scientist (following a head injury) who is tracking central nervous system symptoms similar to Tourettes that he identified in covid 19.
Makes me wonder if the emergency 'mental health' changes are not just about dissidents, but related to the spitting and other odd behaviours witnessed in China videos. Kevin is gathering a lot of evidence, but I am not sure how 'establishment' or otherwise he is. Stay safe and be love my friend ;)

Hey @ricia yes the celebrity thing seems pretty disproportionate .. and if I hear another vapid attempt to cheer us all up, I'll pull my hair out! lol We definitely need to keep our eyes peeled, and I certainly wouldn't be surprised if the net went down at some point, and then restarted as a different entity, the dying days of free speech. Thanks for the heads up, I will take a look into his work as soon as I get a chance, seem to be busier at home than when I'm working! :D Take care my friend, speak soon and look after yourself.

Oh, good sir...It's not fascism if it's kind and gentle:P
We also have to protect women and gays from evil white Christians!
See how evil, evil, evil this guy is:

And then there is the ultimate white evil Christian who says Yahweh is the mostest evil:P I'm in big doo doo!lol

Hey my friend .. I hope you're keeping well and staying safe. Yes, exactly! The truth is that most people don't want freedom .. not true freedom, they want to be looked after .. and I fear that the illusions of safety and security will come at a high price for us all. Thanks for the video, will take a look at that, I think we're all in the big doo doo club. :)

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