Covid-19 Test Kits - False Positives/ Contaminated with the Corona Virus - Plandemic?

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Are Covid-19 test kits from the W.H.O. and China designed to intentionally give false positives? Even worse yet, were the Covid-19 test kits designed to infect people with the Corona Virus? There is strong evidence that Covid-19 test's are infected with the Corona Virus and are registering false positives. The Covid-19 test kits from the World Health Organization were so inaccurate that President Trump requested that Corporate America immediatetly work together and create a new test kit, and at a very critical time when the media was on blast over the fact that the U.S. werre not robo testing with the faulty WHO test kits.


Great Britain recently had a major setback after it was reported by the Telegraph ,"key components ordered from overseas were discovered to be contaminated with coronavirus". At a time when Britain was ready to ramp up hard on testing, the test kits would have cranked out 1,000's upon thousands of people who were not infected prior to the test. It would seem as if an organization is trying to manufacture Corona Virus victims creating the narrative of a global pandemic, where one did not exist.


Germany has had the lowest mortality rate in Europe. When you dig a little deeper Germany had a private company test a million people. If the test kit was prone to false positives, but was not contaminated with Covid-19 you could have 1,000's of healthy people being told their Asymptomatic. That would give you a low mortality rate. Germany also had a private lab manage a million tests. Did the use of a private lab for testing have something to do with Germany's low mortality rate?


South Korea was reported successful on getting control of the pandemic. Testing a large percentage of the population was said to be one contributing factor of their success. I did find out that South Korea developed their own test kits which led to the majority of South Koreans testing with domestically made kits.


Next would be to dig deeper and find out who the manufacturer of the Covid-19 tests for Iran and Italy which have both been hit hard by the Corona Virus. There will have to be a part two on this same subject.

I believe the false positives have been a global issue. That would mean as high as 50% of all the Global Covid-19 test cases are from false positives, and there never really was a pandemic. The test kits infected with Covid-19 would than give credibility to the false positive by infecting a healthy person with the Corona Virus. Two weeks later they have a full blown case of Covid-19. You could control the entire global pandemic narrative just by controlling the test kits. reports that investigative journalist Dean Ryan claims a California Covid-19 test kit manufacturer designed the Corona Virus test to give 50% false positives. A quote from Dean Ryan:

"We can now figure out here why there are so many positive tests around the world,” Ryan explained. “I have a mole inside there [NeoGenomics] who is now telling his own family, friends, and cohorts not to take the tests and when they asked why he said that they are making the test at… NeoGeonomics to be false-positive.”


There is so much information to pore through on this historic global pandemic. Is this the biggest Manufactured crisis in world history? What is the outcome or endgame of this Pandemic? The Economic fallout from the Pandemic is just as bad if not worse than the actual virus. Is this the medical establishment's version of 9-11. Pharmaceutical companies will make as much money on the pandemic as the U.S. Government spent on the Iraq War of 2003. Will draconian legislation by government's world wide be created with the pandemic as a pretext to revoke liberties?

It's April 8, 2020 and I'm writing this in St.Louis. the quarantine is almost nationwide at this point. I can't imagine how much longer the world economy stays shutdown. If this is a Plandemic and not a pandemic means they were well aware of the economic grief. The instant overnite poverty created which destroged whole industries. The Economic stress caused by the Corona Pandemic is devastating. Millions and millions of People were literally thrown into poverty overnite. There must be a very big reason to smash the Global Economy.


I suggest everyone document your experience during this historic Global Corona Pandemic. Take Control of the Narrative. Record the truth about "The 2020 Corona Virus Pandemic on the Block Chain!

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Yes it's looking worse by the day, and planned all along. It's the next 9/11 but much bigger.

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This is huge if proven to be true. The people or country behind should be exposed and penalized. Thanks for sharing @natepower.

Thanks for checking out my post I appreciate it. This pandemic has my head spinning!

Of course it is a scam. If anything I would say it is doing multiple things, including a QE debt bomb that was about to go off all on its own. This way the super massive deflation happens under control, the bankers keep control, and now they can push for those UN Sustainable Development goals of mandated vaccines mandated vaccines and mandated vaccines to bring the population of the world down in a controlled manner.. If there was anything you wanted to do in life, forget it, it's already too late.

This pandemic has so many facets to it, the virus side, the economy side, and the government side. There are millions of stories from any side you choose. It feels like they are doing a global reboot and using the virus as a pretext, when we get to the end of this pandemic we will finally find out what the real endgame is. Ive never had so many questions begore in my life.

While I agree some kind of reboot could well be in the making, as clearly QE to infinity was always going to run out of infinity at some point. However I am currently of the view, that the global economy will never reach the scale it just has, and if anything is likely to scale back down. Negative interest rates could be a signal of a population reduction strategy to unwind the long decades of inflation. Given the geology and ecology position, I would not be surprised that part of this lock down is to get the pieces in place while everyone else is effectively in prison unable to talk with others and get any real detail of what is going on, thus those upstairs get to finish the job. At this point some large scale push out and prove this fake pandemic would be nice, but I just can't see it happening any time soon.

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