My Reaction To Elon Musks Video on Neurolink and Space X

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"It's Already Too Late" - Elon Musk (6:15)

You can find a transcript of this video at the end of this post.

A lot of people judge and even demonize Elon Musk for various reasons. For some people it's just the fact that he controls so much wealth. For others it is his controversial plans for a human/cyborg interface called Neurolink. Others dont like his plans for colonising Mars. I have spent a lot of time listening and learning about Elon's plans and reasoning for what he does. This post is not an attempt to change your mind about these things but instead to give you all of the real information, the whole story and the big picture. Without this information i don’t believe anyone is in a position to say what Elon IS and does is right or wrong. It is hard if not impossible to find what i am about to write in one place, and some of this you will not find written anywhere.

Id like to start by saying that when i listened to Elon's words in this video i felt his love and concern for this planet and the people of this world. Its not possible for us to know or understand HOW powerful quantum computers and A.I. will be in around 20 years. It will change everything, and that is potentially not good. We have to be ready for this, and maybe we will be.. this tech is coming and its not Elon who's leading that work..


I would like to begin with a few small, but very important points! IF there is one thing i like about the way Elon operates, it's the way he demonstrates his support for decentralisation in many ways. Yes he may be the holder of most of the money in the world, but that is our system and we are all an unavoidable part of it.

He is trying to change the system from the inside out. His support for cryptocurrency is incredible. He is one of the few if not only people in great power that spoke up against corona and testing. He questions the narrative, publicly. Elon is also a part of the great support and current bull run of DOGE coin.

I have recently realised that Elon is helping the people (kids) who listen to him to gain great wealth. He has even started tweeting about it, and i believe his tweet last week that simply stated " WE'RE GONG TO THE MOON VERY SOON" was a message to those who realise to BUY DOGECOIN.

DOGECOIN JUST WENT UP 150% over the last few days!


A few facts then. Elon has invested and supports bitcoin and other coins to the tune of billions of dollars. The designs and technical specs of his Tesla cars were open source and available to others. He did this to encourage growth in this sector and welcomes the competition. He owns very little if not nothing, and currently rents his own home. He sold all his possessions recently as a public statement to demonstrate that he is all in on helping humanity to move forward into the future in a direction that is going to bring abundance for all.

Elon is completely transparent with most of what he says and does. Sometimes too much so! This transparency allows scrutiny and is very important. Elon is honest about his projects and their chances of success and failure. He lets us watch his rockets explode as they land, and doesn't try to hide his mistakes.

Starlink, his satellite internet is a part of this levelling of the playing field. Even today in 2021 most of the rural world, including USA and UK, people are without broadband internet. This is even more significant in continents like Africa where Internet access will enable the population the chance to share in the abundance that the Internet and blockchain can offer. Starlink is a very new project with some improvements to be made. Most notably is reducing the visibility of these many satellites. A lot of people complained, rightly so, that these satellites were causing problems for astronomers. Some people also took offence to having to see them at all. Personally i view them as a beautiful light show, an incredible display and sign of the times we live in. Either way they are fixing this issue.

Humanity is about to start spreading out into the galaxy. This is HUGE! Most people may not be concerned or interested in it, but it is very important. There is no better way to ensure the survival and prosperous evolution of our species until we start to spread out around other planets. One day Earth will end, and no one knows when that day will come. Just last month we came closer to an asteroid hit then most of us would like to know about. There are so many reasons why exploring Mars and space is extremely important to our very survival.


So, getting back to Neurolink which is what this post is mainly about. If you don’t know, this project is well on its way, and just last week there was a news article about a monkey being given a Neurolink interface and played games on a computer using its mind! This is crazy stuff folks, and looking at just that news article may well be enough to let you stop asking any more questions. Is this man the devil, here to take away what is left from our humanity, or is he really here to help save us?

Well, i will let you decide that, but before you do i would like to share some VERY important information...

The most significant technologies that will change our world beyond measure are quantum computing and artificial intelligence (A.I.). These two technologies combined have the ability to hold more intelligence than perhaps our entire global population combined. One reason is that a single quantum machine would have one brain, one mind, and not many separate minds. It would also have access to everything we know, including live data on just about everything happening on the planet.

A machine that is based on quantum technology could predict the future with uncanny accuracy. It could easily solve most of our human problems, or go rouge and very easily take over everything. Whichever way it went it would be bad. We would end up all looking to this system for answers. We would end up becoming subservient to it, because it knows everything.

This centralised view is one that we have been warned about in many movies, stories and book for many years now. A dystopian view of the future is one we all know too well. We on Hive know better than most the need to decentralize our world completely...

Right now it is NOT Elon musk who is leading the way in this work. Elon has been trying to slow down the progression of AI and quantum computing so that we can discuss its implications. He says he failed to halt it, and big business are working at RAPID speed to integrate them. Google already have Ai and quantum systems integrated and running live on their networks with access to everything! They are already far down the road.

The reason for Elon making this Neurolink system is largely related to this issue. What Neurolink is, at this stage, is a way to let you access the knowledge of the Internet, and to be able to think instead of type. Your eyes become the camera and you no longer need to hold a piece of technology in your hands. Our phones are portals, and they are also standing in the way of us being able to truly connect. We need to make our technology invisible and start looking at each other again. We can choose what information we want to know about, and we are in total control of our thoughts and reasoning.

Our physical self and digital self is merging. Whilst it may seem strange to you and me, very soon the Internet and Games will be indistinguishable from reality. Our ability to connect and access our digital world needs to evolve, and this is Elons answer. It is a drastic option, but we must understand that it may be a species level survival choice. I tend to agree that it would be very dangerous to live in a world with a few conscious computers controlling it all.

I believe it is better to empower ourselves rather than to become reliant on technology to live. Neurolink is clear a piece of technology, but it replaces our dependence on external systems that create disconnection between one another.

Ideally i believe we should learn to harness and use our OWN innate powers intelligence and of knowing. I prefer to use technology when it can help us to access our true potential. Im not yet clear if Neurolink will be able to offer that. I like to use the word INNERNET to describe the place that we can all draw knowledge and intelligence from. We all have access to incredible power, and i hope as time passes we will learn to get it back.

Whether you approve of Elon or Not let it be said that this is his answer to try to save our planet and our entire civilization. If you don’t agree with it, then luckily we are all free to do what we think is best. For me that means helping people to become self sufficient and off grid. It also means sharing what i know and learn from many hours of personal investigations on certain people.

At least he is not hoarding his billions in offshore banks and supporting our system as it stands today. Every penny he makes goes into vast projects that include space exploration and even terraforming the planet mars!

Thanks for reading! Please comment what you think because im keen to hear what others think.


TRANSCRIPT - "It's Already Too Late" - Elon Musk (5:03)

The percentage of intelligence that is not human is increasing and eventually we will represent a very small percentage of intelligence

I try to convince people to slow down slow down AI to regulate AI. This was futile i tried for years.

Usually it'll be something some new technology. It will cause damage or death, there will be an outcry there will be an investigation. Years will pass there will be some sort of insight committee there will be rule making then there will be oversight. Eventually regulations. this all takes many years, this is the normal course of things. This time frame is not relevant to AI. You can't take 10 years from the point which is dangerous. It's too late.

Your phone is already an extension of you. You're already a cyborg you don't even, well most people realize they are already a cyborg
If that phone is an extension of yourself it's just that the the data rate the rate at which of the communication rate between you and the cybernetic extension of yourself. That is your phone and computer is slow... it's very slow... and and that that it's like a tiny straw of of information flow between your biological self and your digital self you will be at some point indistinguishable from reality.

If you assume any rate of improvement at all then games will be indistinguishable from reality or civilization will end one of those two things will occur . The universe as we know it will dissipate into a fine mist of cold nothingness eventually.

In the future we'll pay for it, it's just not paid for now.

I don't think i don't think you'd necessarily want to be me. It's very hard to turn it off it's like a never-ending explosion .

I think when i was i don't know five or six or something i thought i was insane. It was just strange it was like hmm i'm strange how many things can you buy that you really love that really give you joy so rare, so rare i wish there were more things. That's why we try to just make things that somebody loves, like what are the set of things that can be done to make the future better. Like you know, like so i think that a future where we are spacefaring civilization and out there among the stars this is very exciting . This makes me look forward to the future, this makes me want that future. You know the things there need to be things that make you look forward to waking up in the morning you wake up in the morning look forward to the day look forward to the future

The future where we are space faring civilization and out there among the stars
I think that's very exciting that is a thing we want, whereas if if you knew we would not be a space frank civilization but forever confined to earth this would not be a good future.

That would be very sad i think there if there are two futurists and one futurist we're out there among the stars and things we read about and see in science fiction movies. The good ones are true we have these starships and we're we're going to see what other planets are like and we're a multi-planet species. The scope and scale of consciousness is expanded across many civilizations and many planets and many star systems, this is a great future, this is a wonderful thing to me, and that's what we should strive for.

It wouldn't hurt to have more love in the world.
I think people should be nicer to each other give more credit to others and don't assume that they're mean until you know they're actually mean ,you know .

It's easy to demonize people you're usually wrong about it people are nicer than you think give people more credit you.



I love Elon musk I don’t know why and I don’t know if what he’s doing is right but I feel it’s his mission and he’s focused on it and he needs money to achieve it. I just rly like the guy.

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