Seek & Find

in #deep3 years ago

In the hearts of hearts that’s where the truth lies. Listen for a second, she beckons, take a deep breath.
To be calm in the spirit is the key to survival, for you win when your still breathing.

When shit hits the fan, when it all starts spilling, your mind is your weapon your done when you lose it, the feeling is so wicked, hate is not a giver, a taker from the weaker, love is so much sweeter, if you have it then your greater, for the greatest of all is a man for all, loyal to the end a warrior and a father he will never leave you standing no matter how you see it, the world is so much better when you love with no expectations, unconditional, selfless, patient not emotional, emotions are like waves, the pain is when it rains like blood though your veins, it’s not the very best. See life is a test, it’s not for the best, the strong or the tall, life is for all.

If you are feeling alone, take a deep breath, time is gold, hold your strength, it’s not the time to fold, look deep within, flip the script, forget the deed, to live is a will, choose to live, kill the sin. Look in the hearts of hearts for that is where the truth lies.