Deep Story Contest

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What would you feel if you knew that something in the Internet can be kept there eternal? It's possible with the Deep - an eternal virtual world based on blockchain technology. That’s exactly why everything you will construct will remain there forever. Fancy that you wander everywhere where you want and do everything you want! And whatever you could imagine inside your mind - you can implement that! You are a newcomer? Then you need a piece of land to find a lodgement in the Deep. You can buy it and to repeat this several times. But there are a lot of persons who are interested in the same but there is not enough land for all people who wish to buy it. The ​Deep ​are ​based ​on principles ​of ​real ​estate ​economics. This virtual world has its own currency. In addition you can earn some gold. Do you have no buildings on your land? You can set up any buildings - shops, ​casinos, ​theaters ​or ​any ​others. And only you deсide - who can visit them and who no. The Deep is based on democratic ​principles. For this reason you have voting power. Everything you do in the Deep happens on ​total ​immersion. Only your own experience helps you to grow up inside the Deep. ​Your ​own ​experience ​is the ​raw ​material ​of ​the ​building ​blocks ​within ​this ​gamified ​social ​platform. If you want you can ​share your ​experience ​with others. All these can happen with you very soon. Welcome to &

Natalia Tarasova