100 days of value challenge - Day 97: Friends = happiness

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Day 97 - 100 days of value challenge!

A podcast was posted today where I was a guest, I think I'll talk more about that tomorrow.

But one of the themes of the podcast was purpose/meaning of life.

That's a discussion that can go long and far, but I believe that an important part is to be happy.

There are lots of ways to become happy, and happiness to me is more a stream of happy moments than a constant state of happiness (because where are the highs if there are no lows?).

Happiness to me is many things, and I just read an article that outlines some of the scientifically proven factors that contribute towards happiness.

Of those factors, I believe relations is one of the most important to me.

We humans are pack animals and enjoy the company of others and the joy it brings to form bonds. And in this case quality definitely trumps quantity. It doesn't matter if you have one close friend or five, but I think that the lack of friends/family/loved ones would have a major negative impact on my happiness.

Thankfully I have people around me that make me smile, laugh, form great memories and have deep conversations with.

I care about those friends, and always want them to be happy as it makes me happy. I also feel like they are the same to me.

Growing up, one always befriends the ones in class, in your neighborhood or through family friends because it's practical and convenient, but then you grow up and are free to figure things out for yourself.

My close friends are a good mix of those two. Some great friends I've had since childhood where we may have grown apart to a certain degree (in terms of interests for example) but still share a deep connection over shared values. Also some new friends over the years where we may share professional interests, musical or just click in general.

This mix gives me fulfillment on different angles, I get everything from emotional connections to intellectual to philosophical, which all gives me happiness in different ways.

So what I'm trying to say here is to take care of your friends, the ones that do you good and make you feel good. You probably do the same to them.

❤️ 100 days of value challenge - Day 97: Friends = happiness
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