100 days of value challenge - Day 100: Thanks for now, closing notes

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Day 100 - 100 days of value challenge!

One hundred days ago, on April 26th, I posted the first of what became this personal 100 day challenge.

The motivation was to push myself, learn more about myself and dare to voice my thoughts and opinions a bit louder publically than before. I feel confident in the result and my learning outcomes.

And in this post, I'll outline some of my outtakes.

To be honest, the social pressure works wonders. When I had first committed and some people were doubting me and others cheering, I had to decide quickly whether I was going to complete this or not.

One major take from this is also that creativity is hard, and not easily forced. Some days I would know exactly what to post and even make posts for the coming two days, while other days I would be totally blank and sit on my phone for 30 minutes to try to come up with something.

Another outtake from this is that @deegramofficial on the Steem blockchain works wonders. On Instagram, these posts gave me some likes and comments, while on Deegram I got that and more. Sometimes it would be a couple of cents, others I would get lucky and get a couple of dollars. The point is that I actually got a monitary compensation for my posts that I'm able to donate to charity which is awesome.

One quick note of interest is that on Instagram, selfies give way more interaction than other posts and tips 😅 All the photos of me performed better than for example lists or posts about books etc.

But at the same time, the posts that didn't perform as well in terms of likes often got me some DM's of people thanking me for the help/tip, which feels much more rewarding.

Lastly, it seems that I have some thoughts and opinions that people appreciate. That makes me really happy, and motivated. Maybe I'm onto something and should use my voice more. (not as much as the past 100 days of course, somewhere in between 😅)

So to all of you who have liked, commented, complimented me when you've seen me, DM'ed me, talk about me or just accepting the way too many posts:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️❤️❤️

Now, I'll give you all your feeds back 🙈
100 days of value challenge - Day 100: Thanks for now, closing notes
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