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There is difference between prudency and being miserly. Prudence is the state of being careful in the way you make decisions or spend money, while a miser is a person who lives in wretched circumstances in order to save and hoard money despite the fact that such has money to spend.

An individual that is prudent is acting with or showing care and thought for the future. He doesn't spend for show off, rather he does that for certain reasons. A miser has money but doesn't spend it at all.

Many still wallow in poverty because they are not prudent. The little they have, they spend it for show off. They are men of praise singers. They are bad managers of resources and end up as a poor person because of their mentality.

Have you forgotten that wealthy people doesn't make noise? It's rare for them to be noticed in the society, but they are golden eggs that cannot be hidden due to their status and actions. It's those that have little change in their pockets that makes noise around but the real ones are silent achievers.

A prudent person is responsible for all he spends. He is careful, has wise discernment; avoidance of rash behaviour or speech; good manager of talents and resources and the showing of tact and wisdom in all he does.

Society where prudent ones are, thrives better. They are not spend thrift. They knew where they are coming from. They spend not to show off but does that to make impacts. People living in such society, have trust in them. But in the case of a miser, he has money but cannot spend it at all. He worship money more than anything. Acquires money foolishly but not knowing that future lies only in the hands of the Almighty. Actions of such person says a lot about his character.

A prudent person is a giver, he gives out to help the less privileged ones while a miser doesn't. A miser is egocentric and rash in decisions.

Are you prudent in your spending or a miser? But remember that wisdom and knowledge dwells with the prudent ones, while folly and its likes dwells with the miser. It's a new season.

I Love You.

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