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All parents must be careful how you treat your children so they won’t become resentful, disobedient, and discouraged in life. Be careful not to be overly protective of them. Teach them the Word of God early so they will walk in the right path. If you do this it will lead to building trust in your relationship.

Don't be sentimental during their upbringing. Love them equally. There is no doubt that one may be better than the other, but don't ever show it please. Most of the parents that felt deserted at old age may have fallen into these categories.

Encourage your children to do their best, but don’t set unrealistic expectations for them and especially don’t live your life through them. For example, maybe you wanted to be a football star, so you pressure your son to play football even though he doesn’t want to. That's not fair.

Spend time, laugh, love, help, and encourage them rather than fault finding and criticizing them all the time. Be a positive role model. Remember God give you the children to take care of. So please do it without being biased.

Parents here cut across not only the one you birthed, it includes spiritual parents and those that treat you as a parent outside your blood related ones.

I Love You.


Thanks for your insights! What struck me most was when you said 'Dont be sentimental during their upbringing'. its true. We need to have a right balance of everything. Sometimes we are scared to correct them but in reality if we dont, they would grow up thinking they are entitled or what was wrong is right in their own eyes. Thanks!

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