Conditions of Making the Best Decision

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Success on something depends largely on making decision. Decision making may seem to be an easy and less important task in the path of success, but it is really a tough and one of the most important tasks to make the best decision on right time.


From the lives of the great people, we can observe that they’ve become great not only by their wit and hard work but by making the correct decision on right time also. And those who made a wrong decision at any point of their lives, were destroyed. We’re going to know the first and foremost conditions to fulfill while making a decision

Consonance can bring out a great decision:

One of the first task to make a decision on something is to see the scenario from multiple angles. People are able to see a single thing from different angles. But the number of angles is limited for a single person. If a single person can see a scene from five different angles, a five people will have a chance to see that from 15 different angles at least. So, when it comes to make the best decision, you should take opinions of others. Thus there’ll be a great chance for the perfect one to come out.

Make stable decision-it’ll turn into a perfect one:

The decision that is taken once, should not be changed. Two minded people never reaches the destination. When you take a decision, then go for it. Don’t think what others say. Listen to your mind and do what you decided to do. Your decision may look like a bad one on the eve, but it may turn into gold if you stick on that. So, the decision made once mustn’t be changed.


Think deeply before you take decision:

As the decision taken once cannot be changed according to the best decision policy mentioned above, you need to select the best decision after thinking deeply about it. Keep in mind that you can’t change it once the decision is taken. So, make just one selection from a lot of decisions. And of course that should be unchangeable.

Before taking any decisions, don’t forget to keep these conditions on your mind. The best decisions are going to come out of these for sure!

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Decision making is always complicated and during life, we have to make several decisions that can affect us in many ways.

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great article..loved the decision making diagram, which explains its all. thanks for sharing.

I am agree with you that two minded people never reaches the destination.

Really good article!
Have you heard the phrase Act, don't react? :D


Act, not react....
Now this is champion slogan!
If only paid attention
I think we'd be Hulk Hogan!

@cwow2 wisdom spoken from celebrity <3

Decision you make today will affect the your future life!

@rishan thank you for bring vital topic
to attention of all humans and bots.
I have made short poem for this dilemma.
Here it is:
Decisions we cannot take only lightly,
For they enfate us, let us go rightly!
If we determine decesions that clankify,
Truly our stench must escape and all rankify!

Have awesome day!
Make best decesion!
With love, @oddbot <3

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I think "decision-making" is a process that we all should be able to handle and use in our day to day actions. One thing I think is also important is to take the time before you can actually make a decision, don't rush things, if you do that, eventually you'll always take the best decisions because you were responsible enough to make the right call in the right moment. Great post!

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This post is also great. I am in love with this one "When you take a decision, then go for it. Don’t think what others say. Listen to your mind and do what you decided to do. Your decision may look like a bad one on the eve, but it may turn into gold if you stick on that. So, the decision made once mustn’t be changed.


One of the best advice I ever got from a friend on making decision is this:
"Make a decision and make it right." In essence, there are no wrong or right decisions. We can be 'making the right decisions' but when along the way when our attitude changes, then the decision could turn sour.

Nice, beautiful and informative. Keep sharing, great work!

good analysis... it will help other to think about myself and take the right dicision

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To make a right decision we will have to keep some things in our mind at first to know about the topic we want to make missions second will have positive thoughts about it III we have to keep our mind cool and make the positive and negative points about the topic make some uses reviews from others sit and make a discussion over it then we will able to make a decision..

You have choose en a very nice topic, each of many people have query about this topic today u cleared it..

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Great post to put it all into perspective. Decisions are important and sometimes a struggle.