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RE: What Does Decentralization Mean To Me

It's shameful to see that a post with such high quality only got 4$. I enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

I also agree with your approach, it seems that we can't really be completely decentralized or completely centralized unless we are ready to pay the price. The solution lay into finding the right balance between the two extremities.




I appreciate your gracious compliment. Alas, "creating quality content" does not seem to be a high priority to the higher-ups, a problem about which I've written volumes. Inevitably, this will come back to haunt them.


Not sure if you are a discord user, but there is a new movement to work on this here (on steem) after the last drama. Logicians such as you are highly welcome to share their ideas and suggestions to move toward something better.

Thank you,


Thanks mate. I joined the Discord Channel and will drop in once I catch up.