What Does Decentralization Mean? And Why It's So Important

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Crypto holders around the world have recently had their faith tested. In a world of turmoil and chaos it's not easy to stay positive. Being successful in life requires you to maintain your drive during hard times, even when the world is bringing you down. Most people become motivated at certain points throughout their life, but few can maintain it long enough to succeed.

"Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times"
―      G. Michael Hopf, 

What brought me to crypto wasn't just the allure of profits and gains, it was my informed disdain for our financial system, governmental overlords, their peering green eyes and corrupt bankers.

As centralized multinational corporations have grown in power and political authority, they have become corrupt, leading many to distrust them. Collaboration between business and government continues to empower centralized authorities to censor, collect and monetize the data of it’s users.

It’s becoming quite clear that content creators need to take that power back.

The emergence of blockchain technology is reinventing the way we interact on the internet and brings technological advances to almost every industry. A blockchain must be censorship resistant, decentralized, borderless and permissionless, otherwise it's just a distributed ledger. Decentralization prevents a central authority from having power and distributes it evenly among the participants of it's community.

Imagine a social media platform that empowers it’s users, not the corporations?

Blockchain + Social Media?

A doorway has been opened between the decentralized nature of blockchain technology and social media platforms.

Steemit, a social media platform based on censorship resistant blockchain technology, has paved it’s way as a leader in a new era of decentralized social media. Imagine a platform like reddit that rewards content creators and contributors who actively engage on it’s platform. Steemits ingenuous upvote system is designed to reward content based on it’s quality, naturally discouraging unwanted content.

Steemit is focused on continuing to build a social media platform built on freedom of speech, security of data, and the distribution of Wealth.

By joining Steemit, you’re contributing to the ideologies of liberty and freedom, empowering the people to claim what is rightfully theirs.

As a community we must reject tyrannical measures constraining humanity and instead embrace a belief system based on faith in the human capacity for creativity and invention. We
must believe in liberty and freedom,not regulation and regimentation, in love rather than hate, in hope rather than despair.




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