DMap = My idea for a BlockChain App I want help with. Replace Google Maps / Waze

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My idea for a BlockChain App I want help with. Replace Google Maps / Waze


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I was driving use the Waze app, and I had an idea. This is a perfect application to be replaced with a decentralized application that rewards drivers for inputting data. Similar to how Steemit is a decentralized version of Facebook or Reddit, someone should help me develop a similar application to replace Google Maps and Waze. That way we can decentralize the mapping system, to ensure that censorship of businesses and places via removal from centralized mapping services does not happen.

I am basically looking for a few programmers to help me with this idea I came up with. I want to create like steemit is a decentralized version of a mapping system application, where the data can be input by users like Waze, and other users can vote if there input is valid or not. Based on providing good data, peple would be rewarded via the voting system similar to Waze.

Business could even promote their businesses along certain routes by paying for promotion similar to Steemit. This would be another reason why the token would have value. Maybe businesses along the route could even accept these tokens for payment eventually as cryptos become more mainstream (search shopify partnering with coinbase).

Please contact me if you are a programmer and would like to help develop this application. I would like ideally to put a team of people together to get this done.

I am looking for programmers to help make this a reality please contact me my email is: [email protected]

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This is a great and smart idea @titusfrost. That's a good use case for a token. Which blockchain you plan on using? I know few developers who could be of help, they build on the ethereum blockchain. I give your email to them.

Yeah please do. I wanted to use EOS but it is not ready to use yet, so I guess Ethereum blockchain is the only one we have to use for this kinda thing?


Great idea!

i like all things in your post...i saw a uncommon post and i waiting for your next post....

thanks @titusfrost this video amazing really injoy this


It's time to start ending the web monopo-lies! nice engine sound btw.

Is this still open, I am an Android App Developer and would love too work on a project

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