I began writing a book!! ... and also just launched a new website all due to Steemit! Thank You All!

The truth is I wanted immediate feedback. I've been researching bitcoin and blockchains for over 2 years, the information was, and is, all my in head but I just couldn't get myself to put 'ink on paper'.

The fact that I could get rewarded here, for just trying, pushed me over the edge and I literally wrote that chapter on Steemit inside of a day, without using any writing programs like word. Inspiration just struck.

Here's that chapter again for those that missed it:

Chapter 1 - Revolution and The Two Generals Paradox

30 minutes is really all it takes on Steemit to find out if you have a decent enough idea worthy of executing.

I even took another leap last night, skipped sleeping, and spent around 8 hours creating an author's e-commerce site where I can sell the book when complete. I put up the chapter for sale on the website as a reason to begin building traffic.

I HAVE MY OWN BUY BUTTON. Sorry got over excited there. I accept paypal, credit/debit cards, and BITCOIN! :D

But you all are gonna keep getting the chapters for free!

Chapter 2 will be up over the weekend.

Check out my brand spanking new website:


Wish me luck!



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Nice job keep up with the writing :)