Facebook Bans Omar Bahm! We need Steemit and Decentralized platforms more than ever!

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This is why Facebook and other corporations should not have the power to CENSOR and Take down the pages of Public Figures and Independent News Media Platforms. OUTRAGEOUS ABUSE OF POWER.

Comments from my post On Facebook with my peoples. We need to show the public the value in a censorship resistant platform!

Me - "Omar, who runs one of the most popular, unbiased, professional news Crypt0 Show/Podcast/Social Media Information is just one of many pages to have been taken down this past week. People affiliated with Ron Paul have also been taken down. Told you all it was just the beginning of a Purge of non conformist ideas and values ! THEY WILL NOT turn this Country into a Dystopian thought policed world! Speak up for what is right in your heart and minds! He did nothing except give information on crypto currencies. If you watch even One single video of his you will understand this was unwarranted. A group with 100,000 followers GONE along with all the people who were admins of the group. 13 in total were permanently banned for no reason other than being affiliated with Crypto. This is Bullshit and not comparable to posting pornographic images."

Them - "Sad reality of these platforms. They are free and they can do whatever the hell they want with our data including deleting it all for any reason whatsoever and not even have to explain it. Sucks. I'm not defending Facebook it just how it is."

Them "Facebook fucking sucks dude. Like you said eventually they'll be something better but anything put on any of these platforms can be censored or deleted or whatever. They can't be relied on for the free flow of information. You need your own website if you want any hope of being uncensored."

ME - "Its not about having your own Website that is unrealistic. You need to have a platform where everyone is equal and has control over their own identity ... they exist but are yet unpopular. Steemit and D.tube are considerably better. However if Facebook and youtube CENSOR the information that they EXIST how is anyone ever going to find them in time? Its Just complete intellectual fraud."

Them "you can say it's unrealistic but it's the only way you're guaranteed no censorship or misuse of your data. Once you lump everyone as a "user" under one umbrella of a centralized platform of any kind you run the risk of censorship and misuse of data and a bunch of other things. I agree with you, censorship on these platforms sucks but that's the reality and it will literally never change."

Me "But its not the only way i'm literally telling you of the way to do it and how it will be done through Decentralized platforms that are censorship resistant. That is not the reality and it will change. I haven't used steemit it because all of my "Friends" are on this platform and refuse to switch. As soon as people have a reason and understand the importance They will switch to d.tube"

Them "Well that's great hopefully those platforms are successful. And it all hinges on them staying true to their core principles. Plenty of websites start out with one idea and then change over time. Steemit or Dtube could be awesome in 5-10 years or total shit."

We must grow into something more.

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