DIY Money-Saving Tip: Save on Internet and even build a monthly income.

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Everyone likes to save money right? When we cut our cost of living, we can LIVE BETTER. There's more time for family. We can take our dogs to the groomer more often. Or meet our friends for drinks and spend an evening telling outrageous stories.

Pro Tip: Here is how to drastically cut the cost of internet while maintaining your network strength and security. All you need a good neighbor and $10 for hardware.

It all started with a conversation when i spotted my neighbor leaning against his garage door, seemingly in great physical agony.

"Hey Paul," I said. "You ok?"
"Awe, you know..." he said, deflecting.
Paul was sweating profusely, gasping for breath. I sure hoped he wouldn't soon require CPR.
"Paul, maybe you oughta get a freaking lemonade or something, man. You look awful."
"I'm all right," he promised. "It's just... well... I've got to find a way to cut expenses. I've just paid my internet bill!"

Sharing his frustration with the high cost of my own service, we got a glass of lemonade and brainstormed for better solutions than shelling out $70 a month. We put in the Google time and discovered a better way. DD-WRT allows you to use a cheap router and Linux based, open-source firmware to transform an old router into a client bridge (signal booster). It is easier than it sounds.

Here are step-by-step directions:

Basically, Paul canceled his internet service, we installed the software on a ($10) LinkSys 2.4 GHz Broadband Router which he took to his place and simply plugged in. He has his own network (login/ password) and the signal booster gives him full internet coverage everywhere within his house. His Internet needs are covered, mine are covered and we are both paying half the price we were.

Here is the same broadband router that I used, on for $13 shipped.

Now Paul is now a good friend so I can trust him to (pre)pay. That's cash money in my pocket. (And yours if you do the same!) Confident this violates the internet provider's TOS, I can also trust him to keep quiet. A shrewd individual might quietly make the same offer to other neighbors, breaking even on internet costs or even profiting. For me, I'm happy. I've not seen Paul looking disoriented or distressed since we made this agreement (no CPR thank God) and I'm able to provide $35/ month of a better life to my own family, including my (now) well-groomed pups. Everybody wins! (Except the Internet provider)

Best to you on your own build and may we all save money while working towards a better life!

P.S.- I am not affiliated with dd-wrt in any way other than using their open-source software. Nor am I affiliated with LinkSys in any other way than using an old router.

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