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in decentralize •  3 months ago

Check out the new (under construction) index at software.diggndeeper.com.

SteemPress doesn't allow for page posting to Steemit, but it turns out I want to talk about what I'm trying to do with the software.diggndeeper.com site a bit anyway.

It is proving to be an interesting challenge to lay out the navigation to make all the types of decentralized (not necessarily opensource) and opensource (not necessarily decentralized) and the combination of them in a logical, decent looking and efficient enough way.

We have everything from desktop operating systems to the desktops themselves to servers and all the software we can run on servers for collaboration and such. There is multimedia playing and production and so much more. It is a vast assortment of awesome technology that I wish more people were even aware of.

Then, of course, there are the ever increasing and changing landscape of blockchain projects that fall under the decentralized and often open source category. Some of these projects are almost like a decentralized operating system themselves.

The challenge now is how to present all of that information so that it can go from broad to specific quickly and easily and not lose form as browsing through it. There are only so many places on a page to put menus and such.

I'm thinking there are going to be a lot of iterations. That's fine. I'm oddly fond of just messing with this stuff.

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Looking forward to the progression of the index page.


Thanks! I just did a couple of iterations this am. Should have a version up hopefully later today. I'm going to try my hand at some javascript to see if I can condense things a bit.


Thanks, I will check it out later today.