Decenternet/dAppstore Partners with AnimalGO

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AnimalGO is a compensated pet social network service based on blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI). It has become a must-have app for its partners, with more than 50,000 downloads- reaching No. 5 on Google Play Store, and No. 21 on the App Store’s popularity chart since launching in July last year.

Based on AI technology: “AnimalGO AI system”, it analyzes more than 200,000 photos of registered pets, and provides scientific analysis data based on each pet’s bloodline, bowel movement, age, and voice. Moreover, the app can also recommend customized feed or products for each pet which can be purchased at AnimalGO’s on-line and off-line markets.

AnimalGO is currently utilizing three payment ecosystems: GoPoint/GOP, GoMoney/GOM2 (both listed on the Bitsonic and CoinBene exchanges), and GoExperience, an indicator of contribution on the platform which can also be used to purchase pet-related products. GOP can be acquired through activities within the community and represents the contribution within AnimalGO. GOP can be converted to GOM2, and GOM2 can be used as a means of purchasing a GOP and can be traded through a listed exchange.

AnimalGO also operates ‘AnimalGO Park’, an off-line store in Korea. It is an all-in-one pet-cafe, hotel, spa, daycare, and shopping mall- and provides essential services such as pet health care, insurance, and funeral services as well. They recently expanded by launching "AnimalGO Beauty," a pet beauty and bathing service.

Through Decenternet/dAppstore’s partnership with AnimalGO, we will first link our “Spyce” which can be used in purchasing AnimalGO’s products and services provided by both their offline and online stores. In the near future, we will also add a service that will allow users to see discounts on their purchases when they use Spyce to pay.

Decenternet/dAppstore’s valuable partnership with AnimalGO will expand the use of visible blockchain technology by their use of Spyce, and we look forward to strategically collaborating with them in various areas moving forward- including media, marketing, and events- to integrate our technologies and capabilities.

Thank you.

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