Decenternet will bring Net Neutrality to Life

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As of today, most of the internet can be considered a "closed Internet". This refers to a situation were established people, companies, or governments give priority to certain usages, restrict access to necessary web standards, intensionaly degrade the quality of some services, or filter out the content they see as a threat. Some countries block certain sites or types of websites, and are constantly monitoring and/or censoring the Internet use using Internet police, a specialized type of law enforcement, or secret police.

There are different ways in which this control situations can be done by central power.

1- Discrimination by protocol: Discrimination by protocol is the favouring or blocking information based on aspects of the communications protocol that the computers are using to communicate. For instance, a certain broad band ISP (Internet Service Provided) can intensionally block its users from using a certain service of the internet.

2- Discrimination by IP address: Certain services or websites are blocked to certain IP addresses

3- Favouring private networks: ISPs are able to encourage the use of specific services by using private networks to discriminate what data is counted against bandwidth caps. For instance an ISP can make a deal with a certain company to give them unlimited bandwith access, and limit the bandwith for other Apps.

4- Peering discrimination: When companies make arrangements with ISP to improve the service quality for their clients.

5- Favouring fast-loading websites: When websites are slow by default, the general public of individuals lose interest and favor sites that runs faster. This helps large corporate companies maintain power because they have the means to fund faster internet speed.

There are many other ways in which centralized power controls and censors data according to their personal benefits. A great site to learn more about Net neutrality is Wikipedia.

Thanks to Decenternet all of this will be just a piece of history. With an "Open Internet" schema, the full resources of the Internet and means to operate on it should be easily accessible to everyone, companies, and organizations.

The Decenternet (Dnet) is an alternative P2P permanent hyperspeed neutral decentralized internet infrastructure platform solution without the control of politics and oppression. Once Dnet is out, it can’t be stopped from spreading to every place in the world. It is faster, proliferates net neutrality, less expensive, protects our privacy and removes the influence of corrupt intermediaries (that exist in todays closed internet) without having to ask for permission from any central organization.

Dnet does all this with the help of its core assets such as: Dnet web hosting, the blockchain native Anubis Operating System, Liberty Search Engine, and the Osiris.

Hope you enjoyed the reading!

Regards, @gold84

Some great links to know more about Decenternet;

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This sounds great..I just put up a post about the same kind of thing...Decentralisation on the internet will be a great thing..You are right, at present huge companies and the wealthy are taking advantage.
i am still frustrated by crypto as banks are now trying to stop me buying from exchanges..
Thanks for information, I'll look into this...


Thanks for your comment and support @theaverageman .

Regards, @gold84