Internet Vs. decenternet

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The internet today affects all fundamental aspects of human life. It is on evidence of it that we fantasize about a ‘global village’. We see, we hear of, and we experience the world beyond us through the internet. So you can imagine the tragedy when this screen, its clarity and choice of content, what it displays, is left to the hands of a few? That is bondage! And that is our centralized internet!

Centralized Internet

In what ways is this bondage manifested?

Imagine a situation where an epidemic disease starts, but some independent scientists somewhere discovers a vaccine! Imagine a situation where a natural catastrophe is found inevitable! This information could potentially save millions of lives, but do you know that if it is not in the best interests of the intermediaries who control the current “internet,” that information never gets exposed to the public?

Imagine a people stranded under a tyrannical regime, and that desperately needs the intervention of the outside world! Do you know that there fate rests on the goodwill of vested interest of intermediaries who can choose to cut them from the internet?

It happened in my country Uganda. During the 2016 presidential polls, the authoritarian regime’s Communications commission that controls communications and media operations, shut off all access to social media, and there under the internet ‘lock down’ meted a tyranny that was never heard off or seen beyond our orders.

Even as I write this, my government has just implemented a social media tax. Without paying it, you cannot access mainstream social media platforms including among other, such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, telegram etc. Who is at the center of all these? The intermediaries!

With the daily advances in technology that could yet ease the workload and increase the comfort of human life, the advancement in science and arts that could yet vastly improve our human experience, do you know that any such information could be suppressed from you, because the intermediaries, without your consent, see it fit to make it unavailable on their “internet”?

Tell me you haven’t experienced this! I bet you have! Those who have tried downloading a new song or movie release, from Africa know this all too well, when the browser returns a ‘this video is not available in your country’ message!

And then, do you know, that with the current Internet, your personal information can be exploited, sold and used in ways that you never consciously consented to? Again those who are familiar with the Facebook – Cambridge Analytica debacle know this all too well!

As it is, the internet we are experiencing today is more built to surveil and to restrict rather than to liberate and to prosper. And governments are using it as a primary weapon to keep tabs on you, to know when, and where you are at any given point in time, to eavesdrop on your private conversations.

The intermediaries are making money with the data that is produced, and originally belongs to you. It is true, that is how their massive data centers are maintained! It is through the hard sweat of an upcoming musician who for his creative expression is paid peanuts from ad clicks while the bulk is pocked by the intermediaries.

Those same intermediaries control the insemination of information, and are responsible for much of the ‘virtual reality’

The decenternet

But what if you could break free from this bondage? What if as the original creator, you also owned that data on the internet?

How wonderful would it be if the ownership of the data on the internet went back to its original creators? You the people are the owner. It is the time we take back what is rightfully ours. With the Decenternet technology, let us boldly rise once again by taking back control of our freedom. – Decenternet White paper, Pg. 26

Wouldn’t you rather you hosted internet from your own computer rather than have it hosted on the servers of a few profiteers?

Imagine if ordinary citizens from countries such as South Korea, with their tremendous fast GB/s domestic internet infrastructure, were to provide the hosting that is needed for those websites you see?

What if this decentralized internet was highly incentivized by mining through a proof-of-reliability protocol?

What if the speed of this secured decentralized internet is on average 3 to 30 times faster than the current systematically monopolized yet cosmetically distributed “internet.”
And now the What if wealth could be distributed to everyone with environmentally friendly mining and a currency with appreciating intrinsic value? How wonderful would it be if this vision becomes a standard technology by 2020?

Well, that is your decenternet! And now you have a choice, to choose freedom from bondage, to take back what rightly belongs to you!

In the works of Sean Kim, Founder of the Dencenternet,

Remember to just simply choose, support, help, participate, develop, and use the Decenternet instead.

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