Achieving a decentralized ecosystem with Decenternet, Anuvys and all the decentralized web applications. Part 1

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Total decentralization can only be achieved by being completely independent from any centralized services and platforms

Even though this decade will probably be remembered as the one when blockchain technology began to expand at a rate probably never seen before, the truth is, most of the projects that employ this technology aren’t completely independent from the traditional centralized ways. This happens for several reasons:

First, proper decentralization is hardly achieved in most major projects, we can see a concrete example of this in the fact that China is where most mining activities happen, often being responsible of most than 50% of all mining activities for projects such as Ethereum or Bitcoin.

And second, these projects operate on the traditional internet, that can easily be controlled and manipulated by the different ISPs and any government that suddenly decides to forbid or somehow attack the mining or hosting operations of any blockchain project out there.

This means that despite of all the efforts in developing and releasing decentralized networks, achieving a complete decentralization in every way is certainly much more difficult that most people think.

However, there is one project that is planning in making possible a total decentralized ecosystem, that operates completely on its own and cannot be suppressed nor manipulated by any central party.

I am talking about Decenternet and its operating system called Anuvys. So far, I have published articles dedicated to both of those developments, and this article will be about some of the decentralized applications and web applications that are going to enrich even more the ecosystem that is being created right here.

Decentralized applications

Osiris Browser & Liberty Search engine

These 2 tools work together to avoid any biased results when exploring the Decenternet network. The Osiris browser is “the fastest and most secure Decenternet native Browser that allows people to experience the Decenternet. It gives you access to both traditional websites and Decenternet websites” | Source

According to Decenternet’s whitepaper, the Liberty search engine can be described as:

Liberty is the native Decenternet search engine. Liberty is simply designed to fulfill one simple purpose: to speak the truth | Source

It is common for us when searching for information in Google to find the top results being websites that paid to be placed in there, they aren’t necessarily the website with the best and most trustworthy information, but since they decided to pay Google for ads, they receive the privilege of being placed right in the top spots.

Besides, it is known that major internet companies like Google and Facebook tend to suppress information that might be too “controversial” for the people, even to the point of deleting accounts in an attempt to avoid those individuals to express their ideas and opinions.

Something like that cannot happen with online searches under the Decenternet ecosystem while using the Osiris Browser with the Liberty Search Engine, no information will be hidden, and there won’t be any suppression when it comes to sharing or expressing controversial information. The Liberty Search engine will act as a transparent tool whose only role is to fetch and display information without being influenced by any type of interest.

d-Exchange, Mercury d-wallet & Coineru d-Card

One of the reasons why bitcoin and blockchain technology were created in the first place, was to allow people to have complete control over their money, and to own said money in a way that wasn’t possible before. It was designed to expand even further the economic freedom of the individual, and yet, it is still subject to control from centralized parties, the same can be said about many exchanges and crypto wallets.

This is why, the Decenternet network will offer the possibility for anyone to use a complete decentralized exchange as well as a decentralized wallet to safely store any crypto currency. According to Anuvys website, this wallet “contains none of the flaws and enhances all the advantages of the traditional multi-currency wallet. Intuitive navigation, user friendly, and smart design components are fundamentals of d-wallet along with total anonymity of your crypto-assets”.

Besides, there will be an integration with the Coineru d-Card that allows anyone in possession of one of those cards to start using them just as “you would use Visa and MasterCard in any ATM or POS terminal where debit cards are accepted. You will receive your monthly statements in the email that you have provided during the registration process” | Source.

Imagine the ease with which people will be able to give real life use to their crypto holdings, by simply using one of these d-Cards, it could make every day purchases much easier and it will surely draw the attention of even more people once they realize all of the benefits they can get by getting involved in ambitious projects such as this one.


The d-Shop™ digital d-commerce platform will empower all storefronts and aggregate e-commerce platforms to use Coineru for payment for anything and all things in addition to aggregated payments using traditional fiat payment options like credit-card transactions

No digital ecosystem would be completed without an online shop where people can find and buy any product they wish. Therefore, d-Shop’s goal is exactly that, offer any user the possibility of stop using the all famous online stores we all know, and start using a new and more modern one, that doesn’t belong to a single party. According to the whitepaper, the fact it will be a decentralized development could bring the costs down and if this ends up being possible, then that could eventually be a powerful enough reason to convince people to take a look into its product catalog before visiting other online stores.

Veritas – Blockchain ID

Your identity is the most valuable asset which should be integrated into the planetary neural network of Decenternet for all financial interaction with the highest level of protection and value appreciation.

There are places such as Venezuela when having access to regular ID documents, like the passport, can become a problem because of the corruption. What happens is that certain government employees don’t like letting people receive those documents without first having to pay an exaggerated amount of money, basically citizens must bribe these government employees so they can have access to the normal procedure of having a passport, which is a clear violation of the basic rights any person has.

With Veritas, the goal is to allow anyone to be in total control over their identity, so no central entity can sabotage individuals with abuses related to their ID.

The data that proves who you are should not be owned, managed, edited, disclosed, shared, or manipulated by a centralized network without your consent.

Final words

This is just the first of a 2 parts brief review of every decentralized web application that can eventually allow the Decenternet network to be a real alternative to carry out our online activities without any lack of services or tools.

As we could see, there is a lot of work and thoughtful planning into this project, and it is clear they are trying to solve the problems with centralized networks by avoiding said networks all together, there is obviously just one way to do this and it is by completely getting rid of centralization in any form.

If this vision is successful or not, only time will tell, but from now on what people can do is to get informed about alternatives such as this one, and be prepared to adopt them as soon as they become available.

If you want to know more about this project, feel free to:

“DISCLAMER: The information contained within this post shall not be taken as financial advice. I am not a financial advisor and none of your investing should be carried out based on any information presented here. You can lose all of your money by investing. The following information is for educational and entertainment purposes only.”

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