The Use Case Of Anuvys OS in Education

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Anuvys OS or Operating System is designed to provide a decentralized and incentivized version of operating system to the world. While researching Anuvys, I found that there were many use cases from Anuvys OS. However, what struck me was its potential towards education.

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The Problem With Certain Centralized Bodies

The most valuable resource of a country is its people. Teach them and guide them well, this would lead to the nation prospering. However, there are many institutions that would block educational content from students.

Their reason for this is to protect the students from unhealthy influence. In my opinion, I think this cripples the students. When a centralized body or group of individuals block certain content on the internet, they are effectively feeding the students information to think and act in a certain way. This in the long run, prevents the students to think critically and make decisions for themselves.

I have seen this first hand when certain propaganda were taught to students in the rural areas. With most content blocked, the students were taught to think in a way that fit the centralized body's way of thinking. Such selfish methods would unfortunately affect an entire generation.

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Anuvys OS For Education

The good news is that, if you turn to the use case of Anuvys OS, you will find that it would solve a lot of problems in molding the minds of the next generation. Anuvys OS aims to provide everyone with net neutrality. What this means is that no particular site can be blocked. As such, suppressed knowledge will be available to all and each individual would have the freedom to form his or her own opinions.

Anuvys aims to achieve this using the Osiris browser and the Liberty search engine. For some allowing one to serve any content may seem like nothing. However, the decentralizing of the internet allows the students as well as the teacher to do more than just learn, it allows for the teachers and students to earn as well.

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Under the Anuvys operating system runs the Osiris browser. The browser allows users to get paid to browse Deceternet. This is huge because the most efficient way of learning is not through textbooks but through a search engine. Imagine getting paid while researching a particular topic while studying. This could supercharge the students' motivation to learn.

Now, you may be wondering why users are paid by surfing Decenternet using the Osiris browser. This is because businesses will pay Decenternet for advertisements and this in turn is used to incentivize users into surfing with the Osiris browser. By doing so, the earnings from Osiris browser can be used for fund the development of better apps or materials for the school. This can also be achieved via the d-Apps and d-Wapps on the Anuvys OS.

Anuvys d-Apps and d-Wapps

One of the practical application cases by Anuvys OS is the development of Anuvys decentralized apps (d-Apps) and Anuvys decentralized web apps (d-Wapps). Anuvys claims that different individuals can build their businesses and even ICOs. Since most apps are built to solve problems. If this is applied in the case of education, it won't be long before we see the decentralized version of Google classroom.

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In addition, it won't be long before we see decentralized versions of Udemy, Khan academy and Google classroom. All this can be built on Decenternet and powered by Anuvys OS. Better yet, it wouldn't be far fetched to think of how students can even be incentivized to study on these platforms by paying them in Spyce or Coineru. Both of which are tokens on the Decenternet platform.


As I continue to research Decenternet and the Anuvys OS , I believe that Anuvys OS has so much potential to grow. In particular in the education field. Most education systems around the world are centralized. However, if Decenternet and Anuvys OS is executed well, I do believe that it won't be long before these centralized bodies would have no choice but to turn to a decentralized platform like Decenternet and Anuvys OS.

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Similarly, there was a time where we could never imagine money to be decentralized. However, this was not the case after Bitcoin. With that in mind, I think that Decenternet and Anuvys OS would decentralize many industries including education. Now consider this, education receives the most funding in many country's budget, now if that funding were to be channeled into Decenternet, imagine its growth potential.

I hope this has been insightful. I believe that we will continue to see the continual growth of Decenternet & Anuvys OS. Until then, do head over to Anuvys OS and check it out. The link is in the sources below. I am sure whatever industry you may be in, you will find that Anuvys OS has the potential to revolutionize it.



This is my view based on my own opinion and research. My findings may not be generalizable to your context and is subject to the economic and societal changes. As such, please do your own research. If you are planning to invest, I am not a financial adviser and this is but my own opinion.


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