The Forces of Dark Energy are about to be Unleashed!

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Nearly a thousand years ago, a cataclysmic event known as "The Splintering" violently reshaped the world into separate landmasses that we now call The Splinterlands.

To this day scholars still know very little about the mystical forces that caused such devastation, but it is believed that massive amounts of a substance known only as "Dark Energy" was released from the core of the planet at the time of the Splintering. Much of that Dark Energy still permeates the atmosphere and powers the magical forces wielded by the Splinterlands' inhabitants.

For eons scholars and wizards have attempted to capture and store the Dark Energy without success...until now. A team of wizards, assembled from the best of each Splinter, has discovered a special type of crystal that is able to attract and contain raw Dark Energy from the environment.

These Dark Energy Crystals can be created from rare, naturally occuring elements found throughout the Splinterlands, which has created a gold rush among the planet's inhabitants to create as many of the Crystals as possible.

While scholars are still at the very early stages of learning how to harness the immense power of the Dark Energy held in the Crystals, they have nevertheless become a highly sought after form of universal currency, akin to gold or diamonds, throughout the Splinterlands!

Announcing Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) - the Splinterlands In-Game Currency Token

The Splinterlands team will be releasing a new, in-game currency token known as Dark Energy Crystals, or DEC. This token will operate just like any traditional, in-game currency. They can be used only within the context of the Splinterlands game, they are not backed by anything of monetary value, and there is absolutely no expectation of monetary gains or monetary value in the future.

It is expected that the Dark Energy Crystals update will be released on Monday, May 20th, around 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET.

The DEC tokens will be created and run on the Steem blockchain through the Steem Engine platform and they will also be available as a TRC-10 token on the Tron blockchain. We hope to add DEC tokens to other platforms in the future as well.

Obtaining Dark Energy Crystals

There will be two ways within the game that Dark Energy Crystals can be obtained by players.

Releasing Dark Energy from Monsters and Summoners

Dark Energy is present in all inhabitants of the Splinterlands, which gives them their mystical magic and power, and now it is able to be released and captured inside the Crystals. This means that players will be able to obtain Dark Energy Crystals by destroying their unused cards and capturing the energy contained within.

More rare cards contain more Dark Energy than less rare cards, and gold foil cards contain considerably more energy than their regular counterparts. In addition, Alpha and Promo edition cards also contain extra Dark Energy which can be captured in the crystals when they are destroyed.

Victory on the Battlefield

It has been found that a significant amount of Dark Energy pools around battles that take place in the Splinterlands, and this energy can now also be captured by the victorious player!

Dark Energy is constantly being released from the planet's core at a rate of approximately 1,000,000 DEC per day into an "energy pool" within the atmosphere. Each time a player wins a Ranked battle they will earn some Dark Energy Crystals from the available energy pool based on their current rating and their Energy Capture Rate (ECR).

High rated players are much more powerful than lower rated players, and are therefore able to capture significantly more Dark Energy from the pool after each Ranked battle win. The amount operates on a quadratic curve meaning that a player with double the rating of another player will earn 4X more DEC after each Ranked battle win.

The other major factor in how much Dark Energy can be captured after a win is the player's Energy Capture Rate (ECR). Capturing Dark Energy is difficult work and players tire after many battles making them unable to capture as much Dark Energy as when they are rested. As a result, after each Ranked battle both players' Energy Capture Rate will decrease by 1% and, as players rest, their Energy Capture Rate will slowly increase over time at the rate of approximately 25% per day.

If a player is at an Energy Capture Rate of 50%, that means they will only be able to capture half of the Dark Energy after a Ranked battle win as they would have if they were at an Energy Capture Rate of 100%.

Lastly, gold foil and Alpha edition cards have been found to attract Dark Energy to them at a higher rate than other cards. This means that each gold foil and Alpha edition card used in a Ranked battle will allow the winner to capture additional Dark Energy from the energy pool, making these cards even more highly sought after throughout the Splinterlands.

Further Dark Energy Pool Research

Scholars and wizards studying the Dark Energy pool have found that the Dark Energy in the planet's core is slowly depleting over time. As a result, the amount of Dark Energy released into the "energy pool" will drop by approximately 1% every 30 days. This means that after 1 year, approximately 886,000 DEC will be added the energy pool per day instead of 1M.

Additionally, the High Council of Wizards (led by Archmages Aggroedius and Yabanius) has been able to tap into a Dark Energy mana well and has extracted from that a reserve of 100M Dark Energy Crystals. This reserve will be held and used from time to time for the betterment of the Splinterlands at the High Council's sole discretion.

Harnessing the Power of Dark Energy

Now that Dark Energy can successfully be captured, wizards have been able to use it to craft new and powerful items which players will be able to purchase from various merchants that travel throughout the Splinterlands. When the Dark Energy is released from the crystals in order to craft these items, it is "burned" and gone forever from the world.


Dark Energy has been used to brew a number of potent potions which can greatly enhance an adventurer's journey through the Splinterlands. Each potion comes in three different strengths - Basic, Enhanced, and Brilliant - based on the amount of Dark Energy used to brew them. The stronger potions bestow increased benefits to the user.

There are rumors circulating throughout the realms that users of the Mystery potion have a chance of finding an extremely rare new card with immense power which cannot be obtained any other way!

Essence Orbs

With the new power of the Dark Energy, Summoners have now been able to summon 12 new unique and powerful Monsters to fight for them on the battlefield! These Monsters are said to utilize 6 new abilities which scholars predict will forever alter the planet's mystical "meta" layer.

Players can learn to summon these new Monsters by obtaining Essence Orbs which contain the essence of these new powerful creatures, combined with Dark Energy within. Of course, the wizards have only been able to create a limited supply of these Essence Orbs, so make sure you get yours before they are gone forever!


Dark Energy has also been found to be able to alter the DNA of certain inhabitants of the Splinterlands, which has resulted in a change in their appearance! Players will now be able to use their Dark Energy Crystals to obtain cards with these altered appearances so that they may look unique and stand out on the battlefield!

These skins are purely cosmetic and do not affect the cards' stats or abilities in any way. Skins will be held in each player's account and are not associated with a specific card. Instead they can be applied to all cards of the same type that the player owns. Players can choose which skin they would like to be active for each type of card at any time. Lastly, skins will be able to be transferred between accounts.

New sets of unique and exclusive altered appearances for the cards are expected to be discovered on a regular basis by Splinterlands bio-magicians, so keep your eye out for those and get them while they are available!

Grand Seer's Predictions for the Future

The Grand Seer, master of prognostication, has used the newfound power of Dark Energy to look into the future and has issued the following predictions...

The Grand Seer expects that at first, while Dark Energy Crystals are still very new, they will vary wildly in value in different parts of the Splinterlands. After some time, however, it is expected that their value will become much more stable. At this time, the Grand Seer predicts that Dark Energy Crystals will become the preferred currency for all commerce within the Splinterlands, most notably within the various card trading markets.

The Grand Seer also fortells of groups of adventurers banding together into "guilds" that will do battle against powerful new Monsters, as well as each other, for wealth and glory. It is expected that Dark Energy Crystals will play a prominent role within these guilds as they each strive to become the dominant force in the Splinterlands!

In addition, The Grand Seer envisions all sorts of new and powerful items and spells arising from Dark Energy research which will greatly enhance the abilities of Monsters and Summoners on the battlefield. Vast landscapes of mines and workshops of all sorts will be constructed to craft these new creations using the power of Dark Energy combined with the various natural resources found buried deep beneath the different Splinters.

Finally, the Grand Seer prophecizes that "He who controls the Dark Energy, controls the fate of the Splinterlands!"


Dark Energy Crystals!! YES!! I'm so excited about DEC! 2bP4pJr4wVimqCWjYimXJe2cnCgnAfpeUZZv1K7QzS2 (640px, 10fps).gif

It's an in game token! it is amazing! It can buy you New Skins, Potions and Orbs! You can win it by battling and winning or burning your cards- it converts them into DEC! Or you can buy it on I love it!!

so dark... :D

Nice additions to the game, I like it very much. Only thing I'm not sure about is the capture rate. If I got it right winning only 25 games each day will give you more DEC than winning 100 games every 4th day? Kinda incentivises less play. But I'm not sure if it works like that at all.

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It doesn't work exactly like that. The ECR reduction per game is 1% of the current ECR meaning that if you are at 50% ECR and you play a game, it will be reduced by 1% of 50% which is 0.5%, so your resulting ECR will be 49.5%.

That means that if you start at 100% ECR you can play 28 - 29 games before you get down to 75% which will regenerate in 1 day. If you play 100 games, that will bring your ECR down to around 36%.

The end result is that after ~29 games / day you won't earn any more DEC, so a bot that plays 100+ games / day will earn roughly the same amount of DEC as a player of equal rating that plays 29 games / day.

So as you note, there's no incentive as far as earning more DEC to play more than ~29 games / day, however if you can increase your rating by playing more games then that is well worth it because it will increase your future DEC earnings exponentially.

Yeah, okay that makes sense. Thanks for the reply!

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I have seen that the more you play and win and less crystals you get, it is like the average percentage of the crystals you receive after more winnings decreases. Maybe it is because they are trying to let also "weaker" people to play and have their chance to get crystal when the "strong" people stop playing for a while trying to recharge the possibility to get their crystals..I don't know it is just my opinion.

But would decentivize continuous BOT play right?

I know that is why there is a limit. But the problem I find that when you are at lower percent of capture power that you get less tokens. Maybe there could be a flat amount that you can get with every win but when you exhaust the capture rate you stop gaining. I dont know if I make sense with this. Either way bots will farm more than players just because of their consistency. Bot can be made to win certain amount of games per day anyway.

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Awesome update Archmages Aggroedius and Yabanius! It will be interesting to see how the legendary potion works. I’d expect demand for the potion with all the promo and beta packs coming soon.

Indeed. One note is that the Potion Shop notes that "Alpha edition booster packs and promo cards excluded." So I am guessing the potions only apply to beta and reward packs.

I read that part as well, think it was mentioned that it doesn't apply to the Tron promo card but it might work with the orb cards. It will be fun using the potion and having my kiddo open the beta packs to get some "shaky shaky" cards. I just have to tell him to not ask for the gold foil Minotaur, lol. The bull is his favorite.

Very nice comment about this!! I igree

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Hit us up with the details of Dark Energy Crystals, we're happy to track them if it's trading on exchanges we support!

I can't wait!

Just a question: where can I see the amount of DEC I have? If it’s in the text I am sorry to have overseen it.

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You probably already found it, but if no, then check the top right side of the game screen.
You can see the amount of DEC you have in-game next to (on the left side of) your profile picture. Your profile picture is on the right side. If you move over your mouse to the amount of DEC you have, then you can also see your current capture rate, and if you click on the amount of DEC you have, then you can also check the amount of DEC you have on Steem Engine, and the amount of Tron you have as well. You can also transfer your in-game DEC to your Steem Engine wallet, or to your Tron wallet.

Screenshot_2019-05-21 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png
Image source: Screenshot (Steem Monsters).
Screenshot was taken on 2019.05.21, 06:12 CEST.

Screenshot_2019-05-21 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle (1).png
Image source: Screenshot (Steem Monsters).
Screenshot was taken on 2019.05.21, 06:15 CEST.

Thanks a lot. You’re right, I already found it. But on the other hand side, today the server of Steem monsters seems to be down. If I want to start a fight, I always get the message that my transaction could not be found. The same if I want to combine cards.

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I am experiencing the same.
Probably many people started to play Steem Monsters to farm DEC, and the servers of Steem Monsters are overloaded, and can't handle the interest of the gamers.

Ah, this seems to a nicely thought out way to bring the alpha and gold foils back into play. I hope all the economic incentives survive contact with the player base! Go slow, keep balance, balance in the game and economy are the things that keep me in Steemmonsters!

Very nice
Just little question.
1- Can we send this Dark Energy to another people on steemonsters page?? Like a gift??

2- Is this Dark Energy crystals became a prize of tournament?

Dark Energy Crystals can be withdrawn as a token on Steem Engine with ticker DEC. One tokenized, then can be sent to any other Steem account. I believe their is also a Tron token that operates similarly.

Game's already playable on Tron?

No. All games are transacted on the Steem blockchain. But it seems that Dark Energy Crystals can exist as a Tron token. The Crystals can then be deposited into Splinterlands, the game, because Splinterlands recognizes the tokens on both blockchains.

Make sense?

I'm sorry if I was unclear. What I meant was "Is the game already playable with only TRON wallet?".

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thank you a lot for help me, man!!!!

I’m very excited about my first DEC. Thanks for this addition to the game.

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This sounds and looks very cool. I can't wait to collect my first DEC.
My Neb Seni is already rubbing is hands to release some of the good DEC. I wonder how much he will bring when he completely dives into it!

This is a RIGHT way to develop a game on STEEM blockchain! To raise the value of the game, to motivate players and to grow together in this awesome STEEM community!

Maybe Steem will become dapp blockchain instead of social network...

Steem is already a blockchain with having many dApps.
Only Steemit is a so-called social network.

i think steem block chain will grow a lot even in gambling

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I can't wait, wish it was out now.

Do the potions last for a set amount of time or forever? And also by how much does it say increase drop rate?

Perhaps these questions will be answered with the release...

The potions will not last forever. You can find out more details tomorrow!

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Awesome!! Will I be keeping my Gold Cards or trading them for dark energy?

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I have one word for all this: Amazing.

I love it, I will be attentive to changes, I waited for this and I am happy with the way it tells the story.

What beautiful drawings, those potions, I love, I love them all, hahahaha

Damn, lads. There's so much to like here. Those potions, wow.

So excited to see this live! SplinterLands team over delivering as per freakin' usual. Good job @aggroed and @yabapmatt!


It will be a wonderful drama. I have been waiting for this for a long time. I am very glad that I connected my life with the world of splinterlands.

Holy fuckballs!

It is to much to understand with time things will be easy to understand.
Hopping ☺

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Woot something that raises the profile :)
I like this new release of tokens great work :D

Dark Energy Crystals!! It is a good news ! i like this idea and i am sure it will bring to this game even more value. Congratz!

This is going to be huge, the adoption perhaps spread across different chains.

Archmages Aggroedius and Yabanius LOL! How do you guys come up with stuff!

Fantastic update, guys. Looking extremely forward to explore all of it tomorrow!

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Can we burn reward cards? Please!

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Yes, all cards will be able to be converted to DEC.

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Awesome! Thank you very much

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Omg omg omg, this is truly epic one! Kudos to SM team

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So i assume the rise in price for alpha cards is just around the corner?
Wonder how much more DEC you get for alpha vs beta?

Awesome update! Can't wait for Dec!

Absolutely amazing post and update. Best news since I joined Steem and incredibly well thought-through. This will be both huge for the game and for the blockchain.

i am so excited about new dark system :D
you doing amazing work.

¡Wow! Qué historia tan fenomenal!

Eh, so you found the way to make Alpha cards useful? I was wondering whether it was a good move to convert them to Beta. Nice :)

Our favourite line is, without a doubt:

Archmages Aggroedius and Yabanius

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These are very VERY exciting news! Looking forward to Monday!

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Wow this looks very exiting can’t wait to see this all in action!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Cool. I can't wait. I assume TRON rewards will be released around this same tomorrow! How exciting!

I've made this really good short version of the dark energy crystals update:

Hooray something really new finally. You still have the best game despite what I told you about it months ago. Looking forward to a reason to play again.

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Interesting stuff,

The potions that allow improved drop rates should be popular.

Will potions, skins, limited cards be issued as tokens?

Is "limited" another classification like promo and beta?

If so will peakmonsters be able to show them right away or will it need to be programmed in? Will they be transferable?

I think you may have said they can be in the market? So maybe they are a json? With corresponding API

Potions are not limited in quantity or transferable, but everything else is. Essence Orbs work just like Alpha/Beta packs, you just specify an "edition" of 2 for those. Skins are also limited, transferable tokens, and there are new custom_json operations for transferring those.

The new cards will be part of the existing promo set, so they shouldn't require any changes on your end to work with.

I'll have a pow-wow with @asgarth when he's available to go over all of this.

I have a question on the potions Matt. If the potions give better drop rates to a pack, then does that mean there will be more cards available of the higher levels (ie more legends and more epics?)??? Or is there going to be the same amount of legends and epics, but when people with the potions pull better odds it reduces the odds of the other "normal" $2 pack buyers? It would seem that it has to be either one of the two, but maybe I don't understand it. Looking forward to learning more soon!

Does having it be both steem-engine and tron token make any difference? Is it a deposit/withdraw type deal with that?

Yes you can deposit/withdraw your DEC tokens to and from Steem Engine or Tron and the game. I don't think it makes any difference other than it will be available on more platforms and likely have more liquidity.

Well this is cool. Can't wait. I'll probably be refreshing every second after 9 AM tomorrow(I'm an hour behind) waiting for it to be launched.

This looks like a great game for the blockchain, by the way looks cool.

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It looks interesting, how does it fit into the grand plan of player acquisition and retention?

Wonderful innovation...looking forward to it

sooo is this on steemmonsters or is this on another game which is compatition for steem monsters ?

İnternetten oyun oynarken para kazandıran siteler ve yayındadır.

Long awaited! finally more fun for the Players, addiction prevails. So excited about it.

Excellent job, I love everything in this news.
This is an impressive release!!!

This is an amazing update. Looking forward to testing it out.

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Really Freaking AWESOME!!!!


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Really awesome update guys! I’m addicted again!

Simply Awesome! I don’t think I have been this excited for anything on Steem in the past 3 years I have been here! Great work!! 🤘😝

This is awesome guys, great work and kudos to the whole team. I look forward to seeing this new feature throughout the splinterlands!

👾👹👺 Oh WOW! This is so awesome to see this Splinterlands game get much more exciting to play! I cant wait to check out the Essence Orbs and potions etc. I love playing the game so much its going to be hard for me to try and keep above 75% or at least 50% Energy lol!!
This game just got even more EPIC & LGENDARY then it all ready is! Well done Splinterlands team, @yabapmatt and @aggroed ! See you all on the battlefield!
upped and resteemed

Cool Update 👍

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@steemmonsters I see in my TRON wallet rewards from campaign SEEDGERMINATOR (BETA e PROMO)
How I can change this in cards?

This post has been resteemed!
Good luck guys!

This looks like its gonna be great. Can't wait for release.

Additionally, the High Council of Wizards (led by Archmages Aggroedius and Yabanius)

Hmm, wonder who they are.

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Haha cannot wait..

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Nice 👍🏻

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this is omg news

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where to buy in exchanges the DEC?

i love the logo and the dark colored background, its amazing and wow!

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