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RE: Unhealthy food should be taxed

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Taxing consumer goods have proven to reduce their consumption. This has proven to work with taxes on cigarettes or fossil fuels. (sources in comment) Implementing such a tax for unhealthy food would be in the benefit of everyone


I'm going to do a pro and con....Any tax falls most heavily on the poor. A paternalistic attitude might be that we should protect the poor from themselves. But who is protecting the rich from themselves? They don't need it?

I don't think people should be protected from themselves. If poorer people had the means to do so, they would buy different foods I believe. I think a system should be created where even for them, healthy meals and snacks are the best choice.

Disincentives seem to work, and unhealthy lifestyles impose a burden on all of society. Taxes don't just yield revenue. They also shape behavior. Maybe that's wrong, but we do it for tobacco and gas. Why not for poor food choices?

Hey @samve. Nice discussion. As usual, no easy answers. I've replied pro and con. Am resteeming.

Hi @agmoore2! You clearly figured out how to use debato, I love that! It is indeed an interesting topic. Many people and politicians have talked about it, yet only a few governments have actually put it in to practice. Thanks for resteeming!