Looking for Information - Is SteemIt without the Bloggers = to Bitshares. Why or why not?

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When you do not have enough knowledge to truly evaluate an investment, sometimes you look to others for their point of view.  

I have heard that many.. "investors" resent the "bloggers".  I have heard the answer...  Steem without the blog is Bitshares.  

Today, I asked this question, and it seems that some have a different point of view.

For those of us just learning.. Why or why not?


Bitshares is a ground-breaking "high performance, decentralized exchange", which .. allowed for the easy listing of short-lived relatively-schlockey coins/tokens, as well as the more solid and well known ones. The point is, it completely eliminates the potential for a Cryptsy, a Bitfinex, a Mt.Gox and so on, as each user controls their own keys - it is basically a wallet and a means of exchange, without anyone at the center able to pull the plug, or otherwise mess with deposits.

STEEM is not one of those tokens and the only exchange that is supported is between SBD and STEEM, which I believe I have heard happy mention (or did come to me in dreams) will soon no longer be the case, as STEEM Backed Dollars will be properly eliminated.

Hey, thank you for the great answer. Interesting to hear the perspectives.

What is up @whatsup? Thanks for the discussion suggestion. I don't know what steemit or bitshares is. I mean, I have an idea. But they are both new ventures, in a new paradigm that is full of sweet beautiful baby ideas that have yet to be truly tested. One could say Steem is just Burst, without the internal asset exchange. Or, Burst is just Steem without the rewarded value within discussions. Both Burst and Steem have articles and chats and people are helping each other out. But at the same time, they are different. Dash has a community that meets up, discusses topics both relating and not relating directly to Dash. All of these seem to be built around the idea that time is of value, and how that time's value is recognized, is what separates the different blockchain projects. I see potential in all of it. Exciting, uncertain, and untamed potential. I am not expert and do not have as much in stake as those creating and running these blockchains. But I appreciate them and I appreciate their differences. So perhaps rather than Bitshares enthusiasts being upset with the bloggers, perhaps they can focus on what drew them to the blockchain. And same goes for the bloggers. We can help each other out on this new road. So my question is, what do you like about Steemit? What do you like about Bitshares? And don't be afraid to say it. It can change over time, or it can remind us what brought us here. But we are here now, and how are we gonna make the most of it?

Excellent and thoughtful response. I don't know much if anything about bitshares either. I like to ask questions when I read things that make me think. Hmm. Is that true?

To me it seems there are 100 coins or tokens out there that all want to be bitcoin when they grow up. :)

If by "Bloggers" was meant those people posting in Steemit, whatever their periodicity, then, yes. Steemit without bloggers would be nothing, as nobody will be posting.

I think that there is no a correlation between Steem value and Steemit success as a platform.

Here we are, posting, whatever the price of Steem is.

It is understandable, also, that "investors" -speculators, in fact- dislike the fact that Steem/SBD are the coins of the Steemit platform. That's because most people is going to exchange their SBD to any other cryptocurrency. That makes the Steem/SBD price tending to lower and lower. That is what happens when most people are selling its assets.

But I believe that the ones who should adapt are the investors and not the platform.

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