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I'm writing this quick post is just to share my "innovative" acoustic heavy metal music with Steem community.

So a few years ago I noticed that an acoustic guitar could sound extremely heavy if you play metal on it just in the same way you play it on an electric guitar. About two years ago I tried to record it.

Here Is What It Sounds Like

So below are a few of my acoustic metal music videos.

Bass Guitar

I have only one acoustic guitar. No bass or drums. So for the bass I decided to record it using my acoustic guitar and to lower the pitch for 12 semitones using the music mastering software. And it worked very well - the sound of the "bass guitar" is really good.


For the drums - I don't feel like programming them, and I don't have real drums, so I just started recording it without drums at all.

Guitar Heaviness

Despite having no distortion, it sounds really super heavy. It's also thanks to the type of the guitar - a have a full-size dreadnought which gives a strong bass. It's important to have a full-size guitar, without a cutaway, to have the maximum lower frequency power.

Acoustic Death Metal TUTORIAL :D

So it's been about two years since I started recording my acoustic metal music together with filming funny videos and uploading them to YouTube. I also made a tutorial about how to play acoustic death metal.

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