Death has fulfilled the promise of being mine...!!

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A thought by : Sthitaprajna

Today's theme of life is about "Death". Everybody in this world has fear, and that fear is the "fear of death". Just imagine a situation where "Death" is your sweet heart and you are just waiting for her to embrace for ever and as a devoted lover you are writing these lines.........
Oh "death", you are the poetry......
And i have been promised by the poem, that it shall be mine...
As the pulse (of life) recedes, the pain & suffering go to an eternal sleep (ceases)...
And a yellowish moon (young) starts to rise and reach its zenith....
The day is yet to sink in water, as the night waits, high to the shore....
It is neither dark nor bright.....
It is neither midnight nor high moon.....
And as the body loses material, the free soul gets seeped with fresh air...
The poem has fulfilled the promise of being mine....!!!

Death in my life is the only true sweetheart which accepts me, the way i am.......... which promises me the truth and ultimately death embraces me and relives me of all pain and suffering......Death is the true & ultimate reflection of life.......

Hope you enjoy this article. Thank You.

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When was this written and why was it written? Thanks for posting! :)


Its written having the philosophy of death....the ultimate truth.........the ultimate possession of life......

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Beautiful post like and shared


Thanks a lot dear....

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This reminds me of a book called, "The Book of Eroticism" by George Bataille, where he says that death, is the most erotic moment of human life, as we abandon our bodies to join the spiritual world. He says that in many cultures, they talk about the orgasm as a "little death", because it makes you forgive about your fisical worries for at least a moment, before you have to return to the daily affairs. He also talks about the disgust that we have as humans to death, and other repulsions, and how real freedom comes when we get over those repulsions and fears. The book is half scary and 100% interesting, jeje

Nice to read you ;)


Thanks a lot dear, i have not read the book u mentioned...but i will definitely go through it. Nice to have your participation in this article..

"Death, the final stage of our natural evolution... I embrace you whole heartedly" .. I think it's a great privilege to help others not fear the embrace of death.. we all came into this world alone and we die alone... in most cases. nice work, keep it up


Thank you, and you are welcome to this post, very nice lines u have said as well....