Remembering Death

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I have to remember that often death. You can hang on to your coffin tomorrow. You can't even kiss it, it's soil, you can't touch it.

Today, when you see your heart that you have argued and broken, and that you do not receive your heart tomorrow with mussel stone, here it is now too late.

The non-return journey started; Ears do not hear, eyes can not see, hands do not feel, hearts do not feel anymore. The soul was returned to its original owner, and the skin is in the soil. The rest of the life-dignity is its own concern. Those who cry from the back, those who ask for forgiveness, those who want to halal no longer hear, does not see, does not feel, does not respond.

The film is out and the lights are on. The saloon should be emptied quickly. Preparation should be made for the new session. Everyone will continue to live the rest of his life. Some say he's irreplaceable. According to some, it is never memorable. The truth is not so.

A large majority does not even remember the name after a while. There are a few exceptions. The son does not forget, loves, loves, loves parents, parent-child. His memories are always alive. He'il hunt them down. It hopes to meet as soon as possible. The pain is always fresh. For him, the tear will always be a reserve.

Remains reminding him of the remains, writings, places, music are now sacred. The places where they spend time together cause pain. They try to stay away from them. But they cannot be separated from them much more. Pain pulls them like a need.

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