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Dear Steem Diary.

Yesterday I took part in @anomadsoul's GET TO KNOW ME CHALLENGE and by going through all my posts, I realised two things:

  1. that I don't actually share much about myself. Sure, I post all about my life, my interests, my pets and my recipes, but I don't actually share my thoughts. My real deep down thoughts and experiences.

  2. that I really want to do this. It's an amazing outlet for my many emotions. I am an emotive person. Quick to react. I get super irritated, blazingly angry in a second (not often though), and then, calm as zen again. I am quite zen actually, to the point of being unmoved by things I don't care about. I suppose I just don't give a fuck if it doesn't affect me and mine... that's possibly selfish, but YOLO. I'm too busy for being upset about silly things. Often my clients look at me funny when I fake an overreaction at something they are telling me about... cuz I just don't care. LOL. Customer service at it's best

Anyway, I digress. What's new, then? 😂

line break.png

My point is, I am starting a new series. I hope I will continue with it, and so I am setting a day for it too. On Wednesday's I will write my Dear Steem Diary entry.


Wednesday, 3rd October 2018

The Auction of a Lifetime

My life has been manic for the past week. On Friday and Saturday I attended a crazy auction, with furniture and lighting from the biggest names in history. AMAZING furniture and lighting. Proper designer stuff like Ray and Charles Eames, Le Corbusier, MARCEL BREUER FFS! I was transported back into the past when design meant something to the maker and nothing was readily made in China. It was special. SO special. I managed to snag a few pieces for the shop, but dang, they were going for top dolla. Like $5000 for a chair. I mean come ahn!!!

Yes, I know you've seen this chair before. Probably the table too. There were originals of both at the auction - SOURCE

The auction was stressful AF, as I was spending money we don't really have. But that's our game. We break ourselves to get the piece, that's going to catapult our sales into the hundred thousands, in order to buy more stock, to get our sales into the millions. And yes, it does happen. I've done it before, and I'm in the process of doing it again.

I can't tell you the adrenaline rush an auction gives you. The stress is insane. Cuz you really want the piece. Like really want it. You know it's gonna change your shop. It's THE piece. You know you're gonna sell it for like 50k. But there's another pesky guy also bidding on it. And he REALLY wants it. Sometimes your pocket is deeper than his. Sometimes not. DAMMIT MAN! He got the piece. Bloody hell and all the curse words to infinity and back.

The money. THE MONEY IN THIS PLACE. Cape Town is a wealthy city. These pieces were special. The atmosphere was tense. Okes were bidding. $16000 for a room divider. No problem. Wham, bam , thank you m'am.

I spent the day collecting the pieces and dropping off at my shop. I turned my shop completely upside down, rearranging the entire shop. My team just laugh at me because I get a little manic and obsessive about the layout.. The cream shade with the black lamp, next to the cream chair with the black table on the red, no, black rug.

The shop is half sorted out, half shambles. It's my kind of chaos and we're injecting some excitement into my staff. I am so excited to go to work tomorrow and just make that place look flippen

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-03 at 20.51.08.jpeg

Dear Steem Diary... All my emotions tumbled on a flickering screen. Do I feel calmer, after spewing my thoughts onto this page?

NO, I feel so amped I want to run back to work and jump on that flipping orange Eames chair. EAMES YOU BEAUTY, YOU CHANGED THE WAY THE WORLD LOOKS AT CHAIRS. YOU FLIPPING BEAUTY, YOU!

You guys probably think I'm nuts. I just love design. It's okay. Don't worry about me.

Dear Steem Diary, all my emotions jumbled on this here page. I'll be back next Wednesday. Love you. Bye.

Queen of All Mew Mews.


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500 for a chair dang, I can only imagine how stressful auctions musty be

the Dairy post is a cool idea, I am not good about sharing about myself but maybe its somehtign i should try and force myself to do


haha! balls stressful Jay, BALLS!

It just comes naturally, like an outpouring of my thoughts. I have tried to always have structure on my posts, and it doesn't always do so well, so it's something fun and different


Doing somehting different now and againis always a good thing i believe Makes a nice hange to the routine

Similarly, I dont talk too much about my experiences and thoughts in here. Very good for you for doing it now!


yeah, it's quite therapeutic!

I'll be looking for these every Wednesday MewMews :)


I jsut did another! it's so therapeutic to spew my thoughts and not structure and plan every single post

I like this idea of the steem diary, good job!


thanks girl!


Keeping a journal is sometimes a great idea, especially if you tend to self-evaluate frequently, written thoughts are the best way. That pile does look very interesting. I auction buy things ( online only), and yes it can be a bit too much.

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