# Dear @TeamHumble // 4th December 2018 // Looking back and forward at the same time... — Steemit

# Dear @TeamHumble // 4th December 2018 // Looking back and forward at the same time...

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Hey you! Goodmorning. I was just doing the pots before I sat down to write you and I just had this moment where it felt like you were scrubbing away in the sink next to me and it made me smile. How strange. I guess that’s how you know right? Where just the thought of someone makes you smile while elbow deep in dirty dishes. Lol it’s the little things right?

3 Things I’m Grateful For Today…

  • Bit more progress although its tough to remember what
  • Feeling super thankful for no back pain today in particular
  • Looking forward to Christmas activity time with Mom

I’m not going to pull any punches or just put a happy “Positively” vibe on things, I’m dead tired and I felt like my focus wasn’t what it should have been today. I think you’re right. I’m tired, and worn down. Straight to bed after posting this to you.

I did however get 3 vloggys done which I feel buys me a bit of time over the weekend, because I know uploading up by Moms can be such a nightmare, ill probably record a few up there but just upload when I’m back down the mountain. I’d love to catch some footage with doggo or a lovely winter sunset.

It’s certainly gotten me excited about video again, bringing the camera places, shooting brill. I roll that little Tenikle up and take it everywhere with me in my purse, even used it as a walking selfie stick today! Lol I can’t wait for you to have yours in blue… “I like blue”. Lol.

Even thought I blogged today’s yoga class it didn’t really hit me to reflect on it until now, when I forced myself to write my thankful things. When my back was really quite bad a few months ago, I stumbled upon that exact class that happened to be in the challenge today- Yoga for Sciatica.

It might even be my introduction to that teacher. Doing the practice, I remembered so so clearly how much I struggled to do even basic things and how much pain I was in. Yeah even that gif above was so ouchy. Now my form in much harder classes has been on POINT. No pain and I’m loving the way my body feels lately,(apart from the soreness) and it don’t look half bad either. ;) -OH! Yeah. I’m really proud of the progress I’ve made there, It may just look like inches on the outside, but to me on the inside it feels like miles.

Fought as every great race should be I guess, inch by inch! Ok save the dirty jokes I’m serious! Step by step, one foot in front of the other. It’s something I’m seeing you do every day and it makes me smile just thinking about it. It’s that winter mouse energy. He’s gathering his bits for the winter ahead, organizing sorting the wash. I feel it even from here Mouse. I’m so appreciative of you and admire your ability to pull yourself up by your bootstraps every morning.

Speaking of mornings Hi! Please have a good one, be kind to yourself and start of slow, get some water down you and have a good breakfast if you can. If you’re up crazy crazy early maybe get a kip in the afternoon? Please take care of yourself until I can get there and take care of you. <3

We're into December now baby!

I love you Mouse.

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