# Dear @TeamHumble //27th December 2018 // Here we go, are you ready?

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My oh my, here we are at the end of the day. I've done my yoga, had my dinner and im writing you inside steempeak instead of Bear, kinda wild but now that I've fully discovered the joys of templates I don't think I can go back. I think I'll continue to write my ebooks and other projects out but for this you cant beat it. Of course I figure it out in the final days before I wont be writing them anymore but hey ho!

please enjoy these smoooooooth beats, I can see ya whisking the eggs and doing a little bop to this in the morning ;)

3 Things I’m Grateful For Today…

  • sleeeeeeeps
  • yogaaaa
  • podcasting with my biza!

I really do love doing those, are you down for @productsense tomorrow? I'm hoping to have another solid work day tomorrow and possibly get into bleaching and dying my hair, but work comes first. I got a new message on Upwork for some social media graphics tonight, which even though it feels a bit eyeroll, the rest of the hours are really not coming in at a rate i'm happy with or that I know will be sustainable. Maybe I've just got to suck it up. Still learning more info about what they need ect.

That's the vibes for the next few days, head down for sure (OOH!). But on a real level I know you feel it too. I know we've both been having crush mode mornings so that's at least something! Just gotta keep on top of it. Have I mentioned that I'm proud of you lately? ;)

Other than that I think we're all caught up you and I. ;) It's crazy we're nearing the end of Adventube and I'm soon closing out my yoga challenge. I think having the both of those as a structure and set of goals in my days has been so invaluable. So appreciative of you setting that up and putting in the effort to record and edit each day. I feel like I have such a deeper understanding of some awesome folks I wasn't really aware of on the blockchain beforehand.

Now I find myself kinda knowing how folks will answer certain questions, I guess thats how you can tell you're getting to know someone and learning how they tick. Easy to miss the depth parts of getting to know one another's perspectives on a decentralized space. You connector you. Love that about you.

I think that's it for me tonight my love. I can feel the cold snaps coming in so it's time for me to get bundled up to my nose and tucked into bed! I love you and I like you and I cant wait to wash pots with you! lol


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hey thanks for my daily little diary entry, let's SPRINT THE HECK outta these last days of this year eh? are you down? i'm down! :)