# Dear @TeamHumble //1st January 2018 // Woot! Feels good to change the date on these posts to 2019!

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Hello you my Mr Mouser, my deary, darling, sugar dumpling. Is it as early as you set out to wake up!? EEK! If you didn’t make it not to worry, a 5am wake up in the dead of winter is a TOUGH one to achieve. I still struggle with 6:30 if I’m honest. Circadian rhythms are nothing to sniff at. But if you made it, well damn! Let’s go!

all of the nuances within the retro wave genre are soo cool, this one’s got a little bit of a groove to it which I think you’ll dig for your morning, can see ya wiggling in ya chair right now, oh get that shoulder game goin, WHO U FIGHTIN!!?

3 Things I’m Grateful For Today…

  • I’ll be giving you hugs and snugs soon
  • new year client stuff heading in a nice direction
  • some nice pizza times with dad

Yes sir we took his new pizza stone for a ride and it was seriously so awesome, I hadn’t used one since I was probably about Bella’s age. The best bit is that it radiates the heat so well that even after pizzas are out of the oven they stay warm for ages. Super nice. We did, cheese and white pizzas with chicken and brocolli in pretty much every combination, on whole wheat pitas. Cheap and got some greens in there, ticked the boxes for a non meal prep meal that’s for sure :D

The pitas work great because they’re whole grain, fewer calories and crisp up better then faffing with dough, kinda another neat hack brought to you by the wonders of meal prep. I’m thinking that if there’s an overnight in the works this week for Mom’s meal prep isn’t in the cards for this week, it’s ok my head is already swimming with other logistics and I’ve been keeping to the same schedule and having simple meals.

Speaking of logistics, the rooms where I sleep and work are in a stateeee, and it’s kinda been putting me in an on edge mood. Tomorrow I’m going to attack both and just get super organized, put anything I won’t be needing into my famous two bins which contain all my earthly possessions and just get them out of the WAY. Ugh feeling cramped by stuff that I took out to find a place for and now they’re just out. I know you know that feeling. Need to fix that tomorrow for sure.

Other than that it’s going to be another work day for me I believe. I’m really happy with the way things turned out with clients today, thank you again for the encouragement. I mean in the grand scale, I tend to forget that what seems like a lot of money for me is pennies for someone else, and even beyond that, I really do bring a lot of value, I’m easy to work with (I hope lol) and I’m someone that can be depended on. Those qualities aren’t easy to find.

Also my darling, I know you’re planning on being up with the lark for the next week and I’m SO in support of that, but you have to also remember that you can’t be working until 10, 11, o clock ect… that’s my biggest downfall when I start waking up early, I forget to quit early! Make sure you set a just as firm stopping time as well so you’re not burning the candle at both ends. I’m mega proud of you, I already know we’re going to crush this month. GO us and good morning mouser!


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hi biza. thanks for your lovely message. it really kick starts my mornings when i get my little global blockchain diary entry from you. like we've booted up aging terminals across the galaxy and just managed to get a signal because mercury was in retrograde. keep bouncing them signals biza.


yes sir, just gotta line up the signal bouncing panels again, meteor hit one last night and it was bouncing messages to istanbul... should be sorted again now ;)