# Dear @TeamHumble //11th September 2018 // i love you, that’s all.

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It does certainly feel strange to write that date doesn’t it. I wasn’t too ware of it today if I’m honest, mostly because of my lack of exposure to the outside world today, no one forgets where they were when they learned what had happened, and I remember being able to see the smoke from the top of a mountain near my house for days.

Certainly is a reminder to take stock of what you’re grateful for… so I guess it’s a good time for this :)

3 Things I’m Grateful for Today are…

  • you, your work ethic and persistence to try again every day <3
  • electricity and connectivity while we’re apart
  • fresh meals, fresh yoga and podcasting tomorrow!

2 years ago today, we were taking lap through the forestry center, hanging out with wooden carved creatures and catching virtual ones on our phones <3

Unfortunately this week’s broccoli soup was a bit of a miss I’m afraid. I’m not sure what went wrong or maybe it didn’t like to be frozen but I’m having a hard time getting it down the hatch. Lesson learned, and it was still damn cheap. I’m looking forward to a tried and true I know I’ll be excited to get to each day again. Lol they cant all be winners right? I had a damn good streak before there was a “miss.”

I’ve had a lot of energy in the evenings writing you lately but tonight I think I pushed a little too hard, if I’m honest with myself I should have stopped working 2 or 3 hours ago, but the upside is my hunt for tomorrow is done and I’ve got an idea that could work really well for the upwards site design. Once prep and podcasting is over I can get straight into that and make the type form up as well. ;)

*oh, also, Dad came through with these flowers for me that he picked that were growing in the yard. he noticed them on his way in the door… hes a sweet one :.) certainly very thankful for him as well *

Something that was said in Yoga this AM really struck me. The theme of the day was “Befriend” focusing on being friends with your body instead of fighting it. You know the whole “love yourself” shtick we’ve heard over and over. But the instructor mentioned, that a good friend is a good listener, and that little extra bit kind hit me and it’s been rolling around in my mind for the rest of the day. Funny how bits of truth come up in different packages over time. I’m thankful that I’m still growing and expanding my understanding each day.

I think this is where I leave you for the morning, that is only until I wake in IRL and unplug from the subconscious simulation, and replug into whatever this one is....

It’s a crazy world we’re living in, but I really can’t complain about the RNG since I’ve found you. -- Yep I just compared my relationship with the love of my life to finding good loot. That, just happened. ;)

I hope you slept well and you’re ready to take on this Wednesday. Mid week check in with the Universe saying- how bad does he want it ;). Stoked to talk visas stuff too. Full day! Let’s get it!

<3 Dot

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Wow very interesting post

hehehe, smiling :) -- ok, biza. let's get it.

Beautiful Article friend..
Well done...