# Dear @TeamHumble //10th September 2018 // Deep breath, Tuesday- here we go!

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Hi hieeee! Oh baby, I’m about to fully swan dive into Tuesday. I feel it in my bones and it feels SODAMNGOOD. Haha it’s been so great to watch the Doc today, his energy is totally different and it really does feel like the old H1Z1 Days. I dont know if a lot of his current viewers know that Doc, but it’s good to have him “back” or at least excited about what he does today. I think he’s going to do a super long stream today…

3 Things I’m Grateful for Today are…

  • still feeling great
  • meal prep is going to be a breeze this week
  • so SO looking forward to more yogas tomorrow

Ah man, I cant tell you how good it felt to do even the simplest of yogas today, it really wasn’t long at all but it was just taking that time to hush all the voices and notifications and to just breathe deep, to stretch in a kind of moving meditation. There were a few nerve pinches here and there and in a lot of ways I feel like I’m relearning my body all over again where that’s concerned.

In spite of that I’m trying my best to be mindful and to come to the mat each day with no expectations of myself. Nothing to “achieve” no boxes to tick. If I’ve showed up I’ve already succeeded, that’s good enough for me. It felt a lot like meeting up with an old friend and catching up over an old cup of coffee. Seeing what had changed, what hadn’t, that refreshing energy of reconnecting with my own body has been nice. That intense pain that still lingers here and there made me feel so not myself. I’m so glad it’s fading into the background more each day…

Step by step we climb that mountain right biza? It’s a war won in inches. Food wise, money wise, progress wise. I know that whatever this mental work block I’ve been facing is, starts and ends with me, so instead of leading the horse to water and forcing him to drink we’re going to pet the horse, and brush the horse and tell it nice things, until it wants to drink on it’s own. I know that metaphor devolved pretty majorly at some point there, forgive me I’m tired, but I think you get where I’m going with all this…

Also, I know myself, and one day and idea will smack me in the face and I’ll be charging down the lane after it like a rocket out of a cannon. In the mean time I’m just trying to be kinder to myself.

I think that’s were I’ll leave you this morning sweets, I know there are plenty more things I’m probably missing but that’s what tomorrow is for, maybe this weekend we can do some visa stuffs together, if you’re not too busy with clients, just to start me off? I completely gapped it in the throes of cider and farming this weekend.

Oh and speaking of works, it must feel kinda weird to have a whole week’s stretch to hustle now that summer vacation is over huh? I mean, I know you always got everything done and it was great to see mini, but I also know how vital having that momentum runway to build up can be too. I’m so proud of how hard you’re crushing lately. It’s giving me the energy to keep at it myself that’s for sure.

I love you, and I certainly do like you. Today is one day closer than yesterday my dear…

<3 Dot

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Hey Hey, bizaconnect, thanks for writing me, it’s always my first port of call after checking all the body parts are still there in the morning and i’m Always responding while drinking the coffee ;) - finished writing to you love and i’ll be replying shortly... big hugs. . ;)


daww we do have a bit of a flow going with these, and I know what you mean, it's the first thing I look at when I wake up too :D <3


BIZAA CONNTECTTTT ! i know what you mean, it means a lot to me that i have words from you to help ease me into the day when i wake up, its always the first thing i go to with my one eye opened sleepy self <3

"Good. So bold," as @rdzhervis says. :)

Kiddin. You know, your posts are a blast. I can't even fathom how you come up with so many of the kewlest gifs ever, but I imagine it has to do with your strikingly good sense of taste and humor. I think it is beautiful the way you and @teamhumble open your love notes up for all of Steemit to enjoy. Love like this really should be shared. It's kinda contagious in the way it brings appreciation to my relationship too. Magical in that way, you know. 💛✨


Yay! Spreading magic is one of my favorite pasttimes- thank you for the kind words @cabelindsay. Bold is not something I often see myself as, but it seems the blockchain has spoken, I guess I'll have to change my thinking about that ;)- thanks for the encouragement friend!