Dear @Dayleeo // 25th October 2k18 // oh hey there thursday, what’s popping!

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Good day madam to you, two biscuits, 1 coffee (sounds a bit odd) to kick off my day, knocked one out for heart rate and jumped outta bed to start my thursday — let’s get it, eggs already forked ;) well this paragraph was a bit raunchy eh? Alrighty then, I see you Thursday, I get it, you want me to fkin get it done! :)

Ok, spinning around to get water down me first :) ok, done that biz, even went to the toilet and sorted that situation out in the process, I guess that initial bit of coffee helped — even thou I had odd sleep and the weather is ‘dropping like it’s not’ right now I’m feeling pretty good, I’ve got a clear plan between now and sunday night and right now I’ve got a thirteen hour window in a 72 hr one so I’m good, I can make it work — I will make it work.

this is gonna sound a little crazy but I love it when you have your prep day, don’t know why but I totally get transported to your side of the pond, imagining you in the kitchen based on photos and live streams we have done from there before — the big cooker, the light leak through the windows, you pottering about singing silly songs in your silly voice, excited about cooking (it will forever bring me joy of a memory!) because I know that it touches both the German production line and the Italian passion for prep.

Yeah the podcast I felt was a good one today, it was a little all over the place and I went all over the shop with tangents no doubt but it really made me think about those instincts that I don’t share, where that even comes from, that data recall, like some kind of hive mind cloud connected database retrieval, I guess I stored a bunch of junk up there when I was a raver spending hours in front of the monitor making decisions about the ‘legitness’ of things — maybe I was always the dude on the fence from both camps, wanting to understand the cause and effect of both actions and the why.

Great that you had a big debate and chat with your dad, did he try your beetroot thing? How did that come out? And yes, you should always find a way to record the ‘elders’ if there is one thing I wish I had done is record my grandads and grandmothers story — so so much information stored in there that I wish I had to listen to and build out a future narrative around — I guess it lives on with us thou and even thou I’m maybe not doing what they thought I would with my life I hope they know I’m happy.

I’ve said this before biza, I remember when you were here maybe month two and I could tell you were missing a few different things about home, well at least being home to get teeth resolved and getting messages about grandma and such — I’m glad you are there at the moment, just wish I was there with you but we are working on that — that comes first over anything, i’ve gotta get over there and ‘do the rounds’ to meet people right?

i’m glad your feeling that energy shift, gotta skirt around the time travel corridors and the quantum telescopes to reach each other, just make sure you go all in and not half way — no point being half assed about travelling by quantum my dears, just remember to wear a space suit in case they get the location details wrong and take one of those personal fortnite snow globes with you just in case you need to get back straight away :)

yeah I had patchy sleep but I ended up with good sleep in the end I was fast out again after the initial wake up, I think I got like a three hour sleep and then got up did the toilet trip and got back in bed again, what with all the odd hours of water drinking and not really keeping track of it I’m probably drinking more water than I ever did before which is weird for me because my insides are normally Sahara like and have gotten used to the drought.

Funny how your snorlax gif just reminded me that I need to consider getting the bed fixed at some point before winter comes, I think I need to get in touch with papa and discuss a few things to maybe get some of those things back on track again.

Listen don’t over do it, you amaze me the amount of multi-threading you do in a day and get done and maybe it’s just the way you’ve always been but you have to have some quality decompression time too, sounds like the clarity is affording you to listen to your body more so that’s awesome — SO LISTEN! :)

I’m glad that the client is cool and they like my work, it makes the rest of it so easy to step through and even if we have to go back and forth I’ve got the master files locked down and it means I can jump in and fix things (as long as it’s not audio!) — I’m hoping to have a last pass on sunday for animation, tweaks and hand off but who knows, this might go somewhere — we never can tell.

i know one thing for sure I’m excited to get back to messing around with the Steem blockchain and python again, if I can just get a few things working there I think I could really improve the styling that I want to do with my work — lots to be done as always in the next few months but at least it’s stuff I love to do.

Ok! I love ya, and I like you, big hugs, cheesy smiles over a table back at you while I’m eating an impossible burger saying ‘no way’ and just generally hanging out and having fun, I can’t wait to get over there to see you, meet the folks, travel around a bit and just walk hand in hand down whatever pathway life may bring.

Good morning! :) it’s THURSDAY! :)

I’ll speak to you shortly.
Lots of love and hugs and stuff,

Da Mouser,

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So much loveliness in one post ! Had me smiling the whole way ♥️ Goodmorning boy I really can’t wait till you’re here, was to make the “rounds” but yes so many things I want to show you... OH ! ;) also that street fighter hand washing gif was EVERYTHING lol - I love u and I like you too ;)

I have my moments! :)