Dear @Dayleeo // 12th September 2k18 // that midweek hustle life, we got this biza ;)

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Usual day for me, I’ve got that additional job but I’m hoping that should be pretty quick to do as it’s a single job, I’m gonna hit the audio recording as well this morning too — I’ve found that’s been the easiest way to get the new clients screencasts together, record audio and then play it back as I’m navigating around the video in time.

Hard to believe that it was two years ago, we have most certainly been time traveling, but i do feel that once we get together for the next six months it’s gonna feel like years in itself and I know we will be both watching the days and the weeks together — I’m looking forward to it to be honest, meal prepping together, pushing ourselves each day too.

Shame the soup did not work out, i guess it had a time frame and yeah freezing soup i’m not sure how you get on with that, I’m guessing that soup can only go i the fridge for like three days and be done with it — at least you know your tried and tested ones work out, i bet your pumped to get them going today!

The upwards media site is pretty functional right now and works great so let’s talk about the ideas you have about it before we change anything, i kinda go used to it, i keep checking back on it, let’s do the round images first before we try and ‘enhance’ it — we can discuss it anyway.

As for over working, well that’s not like you AT ALL is it, lols, nah i kinda understand that thou, if your into something it’s hard to switch gears and slow down from what your doing, also this stuff is kinda addictive, when you know you have ‘hours’ and want to do a good job you just get stuck in and crush it — your being super mindful now with your yoga and tablets and such so at least you have balance now.

Heading to the shops shortly to get some bits for the next few days to keep me going until Friday, at least i don’t have to get my prescription and rush this week, i can take a slow wander across the bridges as long as the weather is ok — the weeks just keep ticking by recently and I’m kinda ok with it because i know that just makes the time for when you get back here.

I’m not sure how the visa works when you have it, I’m not sure if you can come here straight away or if you have to wait a period of time I’m presuming that you can come back thou within that window that we had before because you have official paperwork for the border control so that should be all gravy - i know mini biza will be stoked to see you as well, all of the huggles and you’ll be able to make sure she’s doing her farm duties! :)

Now that we have the initial sites up I’m wondering how to progress the rest of them, i think it would be good to fully utilize all of them, even if they are just landing pages or concepts about the projects that they will be, i bought a notebook thing last week so i can start mocking things up — I’m certainly gonna do the groundwork on the wordpress admin that we have outstanding, just repoint the majority of the .ee domains to our landing page host, then we can just ‘tinker’ around without much stress.

also don’t think i didn’t see the custom image with the ‘dear teamhumble’ — the details thou biza, the mini details, she’s crushing it.

I think on the menu today it’s the usual modding run, my two videos, then audio recording and then getting the script from the new marketing team dude Daniel - I’m presuming that he has a single speed bike and wears glasses and has hush puppy shows that look brand new and untouched.

Alright, time to close this up now and get back into my usual morning run, i think I’ll do my modding first this morning so I’ve got a good top 10 to go at today, speak to you as soon as you get up biza! :)

I’ll speak to you shortly.
Lots of love and hugs and stuff,

Da Mouser,

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