Best Buy $75 PC Laptop Trade-In

in deals •  2 years ago 

Hey guys, in case you didn't know but Best Buy is running a PC Laptop trade-in special right now. Well they've always had it but if you have an old laptop, and I mean old laptop that would probably fetch like $5 on eBay. Best Buy is automatically giving you $75 gift card plus a $75 coupon to buy one of their PC. You don't have to get a PC, just keep the gift card. Now this only makes sense if you have an old laptop. I traded in an old laptop with Windows Vista. It's a great deal if you just have that laptop running around doing nothing. I even put in no charger and it still gives $75. Here's the link but you should go in to the actual store. Took about 15 minutes. Make sure you bring a picture ID. And the deal is through this Sunday. BB.jpg

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