What I can and cannot hear

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I was asked what it's like to hear as a deaf person with and without my listening devices. Here's my answer.

hello out there guys my name is Glenn
it's very nice to meet you
so I have a particular question and it's
from an anonymous person on tumblr they
want to know what I can hear and what I
can't hear based on whether or not I'm
using the headset or if I'm using my
hearing aids or if I'm using none so in
short when I hear myself talk without
any listening devices completely bare no
hearing aids at all I hear a high voice
I hear all my consonants but when I hear
somebody else speaking I hear faint
vowels like it'll be a muffled wall a
muffling wall that's someone is talking
behind it's a lot like that I've tested
that but when I use the hearing aids I
am able to hear a lot more here
and turn it on and I can hear how I
actually sound myself chewing and slowly
with these things turning on is quite
disgusting to say the least
things I like to do this make sure that
my hair covers because I'm not too fond
of people seeing me wearing hearing aid
even though it is years now I can hear
myself relatively thought with these N
and turn balm I noticed that when I go
back after recording a video and I
listen to myself speaking what's the
conduction headset that bypasses my body
eardrums that I'm able to hear myself
and differently sorry miss with my demo
I'm able to hear myself differently than
with the hearing aids and it's the same
thing when I listen to music B whether
or not that music is on my phone or I
know heaven forbid if I'm listening to
it on my iPad by the way with the
heating it's I know this is that things
are a lot more muted as far as music is
concerned I don't hear all the sounds or
rich sound I do hear everybody's
consonants though I can hear speech a
lot better whereas I go from hearing the
muffled wall of the sound which a wall
of noise doesn't help out a busy noisy
environment it's hard to pick one voice
out of the wall noise but when it comes
to long long quiet environment much like
I have here in this household
and I have the hearing aids in then I
can hear a lot more about my
surroundings but I can hear people's
voices a lot better
so which is better is it the conduction
headset the hearing aids or being deaf
the problem with the hearing aids and
this is not the hearing aids themselves
they're not at fault the problem that I
have was specific particularly with
speech and not just the whole problem
with picking voices of the crowd with
carlos whether i have the hearing aids
or not is that well i'm not used to
hearing other people's consonants so the
issue that I have is that it takes me a
little bit of time to process what's
being said I don't have to ask them to
repeat very often in severity wherever
they do the most I just genuinely can't
pick their voice other one knows Atlanta
but generally they can face me and speak
more clearly as an enunciated not
yelling but I can pick their voice out
and understand what they're saying it's
just in general it takes me more time
because when I don't have these in
turned off
I don't have these in at all I hear just
vault with st. Louis and that's all I
end up hearing at that point right now
I'm deaf technically speaking literally
you know I'm deaf but these actually
work in a different way they conduct and
pass by passed my values ohms and that
allows me to hear this is more clear as
I can hear a lot more things I can hear
things that are more specific like I can
hear with wide ranges of musical notes
for us I came so much with the hearing
aids I also have the same issue with
these in regards to speech if I'm
listening to a podcast then I end up
having to pause the podcast a lot in
order to comprehend what's being said so
is it a good thing or is it a bad thing
I'm gonna have to say it's still a good
thing even though it still causes me
headaches so the headache issue will go
away after many months to maybe a whole
so you just got to take time getting
used to sound and the time that it takes
or processing sounds that I hear is
going to eventually get to where it's
gonna be mold but that's gonna take time
with the listening devices as far as
music is concerned I would prefer the
headset over the hearing aids and I
prefer the hearing aids over being deaf
as you've seen a previous video of what
music sounds like to the deaf based on
my hearing even here
most people would complain oh there's
nothing in this it's just silence and
it's not there's actual audio if you
crank up your audio if you're prone
headsets you crank up the audio to 100%
or beyond you can actually hear and a
lot of comments that I got about that
was after they they were told these
instructions they can hear a ghost of
music it's like they can hear music but
it's like a ghost of it and I've
listened to some music a lot of it from
being deaf with a regular set of over
the ear here headphones that you guys
have seen me with on previous videos
before getting these guys on I've
listened to old music we listen to it
with these things in and it just it was
amazing about all the sounds that I was
missing the various rich sounds
and it's just something that I do not
maybe come and become accustomed to and
I've the first few days I was just
basically blasting music into my ear
holes just boom boom boom and I was even
going over like second life on mines and
on various social medias like Google+
Twitter and not just second life but
also on trove of all places
playing trove as people in the clubs I'm
like hey I'm not been able to hear for
over 22 years 23 years now and I can now
finally hear what music do you recommend
me to listen to and they would give me
all sorts of things there was one person
that tried to rickroll me see what too
late they've already enrolled and there
was another person that was suggesting
things like right round baby or round
round now what was called yep there was
one person in particular that it's a
friend and longtime subscriber of mine
he recommended me to listen to
megalovania it's a undertale soundtrack
I was like you know what I have that one
back at Nelson's of all the undertale
soundtracks megalovania sound great went
through Undine the undying these things
on regular and acapella and so sorry and
all that wow this is amazing and here's
the thing is that I listened to bird
first camel but jontron song all over
again from being deaf all the way to
being using these and I've used I've
listened to that song as well using
these guys
so I've noticed that the headset is
definitely a richer sound I can even
hear voice better with that set
unfortunately this is the hearing aid
this is just it goes with my phone which
is fantastic or my computer either one
and when I'm not on the computer or on
the phone
I put the hearing aids back in so I have
to swap between which one which
I need whether it's my actual
environment around me or if it's the
phone or computer so that's how I know
what I need to listen to is which device
the hearing aid or the headset and that
allows me to go to think okay I need the
hearing aids so I can talk to various
people that's around me or I need the
headset to talk to people like you or on
the phone or watch videos on the
anyway thank you for watching and you
have a nice day

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