10 dead Rhinos, no one accepts the blame!

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"Those asking me to step down can go to hell"

This are words spoken by the minister of tourism Kenya when asked by the Kenyan people to step down and allow investigations into the cruel death of 10 extremely endangered black rhino species that died during translocation this is despite the fact that the said minister was present had had even called the press to illuminate him to godly status as he carried out his mandate! It's common practice here in Kenya that whenever the "big man" decides to work, press must be present at all times - you wonder if the press does it for the cup of tea and donuts they are invited to partake there after.

"Not Me"

In Kenya no one takes responsibility, we are quick to a point of blackmail to accept responsibility in those dockets of power but once something so catastrophic as death of such rare wild animals happens under your watch - you vehemently deny ever taking part nor even knowing such actions were carried! In Kenya amnesia is a common disease among the rich and powerful and its quickly trickling down and being accepted as a moral pedestal among the common folk.

The death of 10 rhinos have hit us hard, especially us the animal lovers, its a spectacle and an amazing sight to behold, strong, sturdy and majestic being!

But even before we delve into this issue, here is a sneak peek into Kenya and its leaders

What's wrong us

Mercury Sugar


National youth service

In a span of 3 months we have been treated to a spectacular fire work of events. We have always known l something is wrong with Kenya and it had reached a point of numbness and care free as to what happens here but the intrigues in this country are miraculous.
Firstly, there was ks 10billion stolen, but that's not the issue here because we are used to people stealing more than that, the miracle part in all this was that, girls were walking in these government offices seducing the males and walking out with million dollar cheques! If you were a girl around this time at the right place you are probably a millionare now, kudos.
There was a lot of hullabaloo and some tough talks here and there only for another scandal to blow up..

Even after we were done with 10 billion loss, the sugar scandal blew up! The sugar story started way back - after many years of stealing and plundering local sugar companies, sugar completely disappeared from the supermarket shelves as non of the companies was operational, some of the CEOs of those sugar companies were later rewarded with bigger posts where they continued to plunder * typical kenya* and story for another day!
Due to unavailability of sugar, the government decided to open a tax free window of sugar importation and this window turned door for everyone to enter including the Kenyan mafia (read relatives and friends of politicians) to import sugar from Mexico and other funny places and within a short time, our markets was filled to capacity with cheap sugar - fast forward, without warning all available sugars are being confiscated by the same government, reason - * its not fit for human consumption, that its laced with mercury and copper! *
Months later here we are, walking with mercury and copper in our bodies, its like we are being poisoned to die a slow death! PR arrests are made, money changes hand, the mafia walks away with a win and billions of dollars in their accounts!

10 Dead Rhinos

Once again a very costly cover up is cooked and this time lives are sacrificed. 10 rhinos are poisoned, the NYS and SUGAR stories are quickly forgotten. We are left to speculate the reasons behind all that happens in this country as no report is ever made public.

The small people who are unfortunate to witness these crimes, mysteriously disappears and are never heard of again lest they leak out the truth. The only assumption we are left with as citizens is to try and connect the dots and continue with life as nothing happened.

We have a say here, the this country should be sold already and loss shared among the citizens.

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