The DEA Claims All These Drugs Are Worse Than Weed - WTF?!

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FDA Issues Recommendation to DEA to Change Marijuana’s Classification from a Schedule 1 Drug

Washington, DC – A recently revealed document indicates that top federal health officials have given the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) a recommendation to reschedule marijuana under the federal Controlled Substances Act. However, the details of that recommendation are not entirely clear.

Cannabis is currently considered a Schedule 1 drug under federal law, a classification reserved for drugs considered to have no medical value. So, if any rescheduling is to happen, it can only get better.

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I would love to see the federal goverment come around on weed but I have no faith that the DEA will ever do the right thing .

What part of the Constitution gives the Federal Government the power to ban weed. At least the Anti-Alcohol movement followed the Constitution and Amended it to allow the Prohibition of Alcohol. If they were unable to Ban Alcohol without an Amendment to the Constitution, how is it that they can ban weed, something that grows in nature, without an Amendment to the Constitution?


because the state does not abide by its own rules any longer.

For years, there has been the message that "DRUGS KILL" while showing a picture of a naturally growing herb which is really a special gift for all of Humanity.

What most folks don't realize is the GENOCIDE that is being implemented and is now the #1


WAKE Up - Just Say 'NO' and Take Care of YOURSELF.