DDATE is looking into Scatters RIDL reputation system which had more details revealed over Medium today. + Telos Sentiment Tokens + EOSIO Voice Universal ID

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DDATE is going to be looking into Scatter and its RIDL reputation system for use in Telos Accounts to rate users attempting to use our decentralized dating network so that potential dates of this user can see their ratings given by other social media users not just other dates. I hope Scatter and its relationship with telos and Telos Sentiment Tokens can also help establish a system of personal historical checks and balances using social media and the Blockchain for a SMart Dating experience


Here we see the Reputation rating being used to rate an example EOSDT account, now imagine your personal scatter telos profile being rated by other users and used in DDATE . Yes as @ramijames or @nsjames says in the article you can be a "psychopath" and give bad ratings to your friends as a joke, but I believe the power of the crowd and its collective wisdom will be hard to counter balance. We may see an establishment of accounts like steemcleaners but for personal ratings to curb abuse and possibly to allow for a database

@sqrl which is the Greymass Fork for Telos which has the Interface and front ends to all of the governance that makes telos run. SQRL is what you need to go check out the proposals that scatter made and got funded AND it has social profiles which I plan to use for @ddate and sentiment tokens will be a tool users can use for any telos account and thus will be used by default for any ddate user. I hope to add more sentiment types for selecting the perfect mate like measuring someone's submissive vs dominant characteristics, now that will be an exciting way to gather psychological data for experiments. I hope to use Yelp style ratings everyone understands for human profiles and give people the chance to rate each other.


We are looking into Sentiment Tokens and will hopefully make contributions to their github as the front ends are rolled out and more is done to flesh out the product



Hot or Bot is a simple Dating Bot anyone can use to rate other users on telegram close to their location with a simple yes or no emoji. (thumbs up & thumbs down ) Telescope bot is a Telegram Telos bot that displays transactions like EOS authority. if we combine these two

@ratzen @ackza and even @soyzaxan are all working

The Ad which featured DDATE logo among others is live on Steemit.com and has gotten over 15 thousand impressions talking about the airdrop of TLOSP to steemians

Im happy to see DDATE and Telos getting so many impressions on Steemit.com and hope the DATE Newdex Launch on telos Trading Zone can create some Steem-Engine Market Activity. An airdrop of DATE tokens to both Steem and Telos Richlists will be exciting when users are able to use them in Discord / Telegram dating bot services where the more DATE you stake the better chance you have of matching. Earning DATE tokens for helping to match other users is one idea, another is a DATE scotbot tribe however that not be necessary if we simply use the Appics app and tribe.

@challengedac is also being adopted by @ddate for GPS based Dating. Once Challenge adopts Telos tokens OR once DATE is issued on EOS, we will see DATE tokens left in GPS specific locations so anyone will be able to get paid to attend time and location specific dates, and we can even have people rewarded for showing up WITH another user for at least 1 hour etc. It may seem cold and Borg like but designating Geospecific blockchain smart contract time for mating and courtship rituals for all is better than leaving it up to nature where too many lonely people are left out, including many attractive females and males who are too shy to reach their full social potential even if that is to simply meet that one special individual.

A Streamlined Decentralized Dating Network could be composed of a few bots, some front ends but at its core should revolve around a date rating system based on RIDL scatter, telos Sentiment tokens (to map out the cheaters) and EOSIO Voice Identity layer so we can avoid psychopaths and irrational gold diggers. We all need gold diggers to stay sharp and keep the economy going as money makes the world go round, but now we can math sugar babies with sugar daddies and give them each tools to ensure they arent simply rebounding off a previous relationship. Cooldown periods between relationships can be incentivized with cryptocurrency and Powering down a relationship could be like powering down Steempower. The less Power you have in the relationship staked the less time they can see you or have access to your @challengedac based GPS location tracking service.

Instant Gratification + EOSIO Voice Blockchain for Reputation and Identity. If you know who you're dating you can stay safe and have all sorts of fantasy sex dungeon scavenger hunts. It's all about that Safety Word Brain Key



Come chat with us on our Discord https://discord.ddate.co or https://discord.gg/97Vrspf


Just bought 1 steem worth of DATE here

You can withdraw it to Telos by sending it to @eos-peg with the memo "TELOSDATE yourtelosaccount" and you'll get Telos DATE tokens minus 1% @privex gateway fee


Hold your DATE tokens in a Free Telos Wallet like @sqrl https://sqrlwallet.io for desktop or for mobile https://wallet.coolx.io

It will be exciting to see Tokenomics for how you can get paid to match or post. Steem Tribe is one obvious way but to have a bot over discord pay you in DATE or small amounts of DATE every time you "swipe" like on tinder seems profitable if you have ads. If we had a social network that allowed users to match and which steered users to physical meetings in their regions using challengedac it could be huge, and eos voice could make it safer, allowing trustworthy people to meet with other trustworthy people, so two strangers can trust the blockchain instead of trusting each other, as long as they can prove they are the person in their photos and maybe sign a transaction while in real life as a customary handshake, then we could see a fundamental change to human mating itself. On steem alone, people were already beginning to check wallets to see whose rich etc its an interesting case of social engineering.

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