Back to College | Great Summer

in ddaily •  3 months ago

Back to school for the oldest and what a great summer. We spent all summer creating and making content. Something I enjoyed immensely. Have a great school year Leam.

With Gratitude,
Captain Bob

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May be you can promote Steemit in your college!


Great idea!

😭 I felt your pain Mom! Shew that was a tough one! Godspeed Leam! Have a great year! Excellent content this summer!


My wife says thank you. She said she had to hide away and cry so the other mean boys (me being one) didn’t see her. LOL!

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You be nice to her! Lol I can imagine it’s like getting part of your heart cut out!

Leam seems happy for college. Have a good school year ahead, Leam!


Thanks Joy. He will have a blast, but I'll miss him. We've had a great summer editing and shooting content together.

Man I really shouldn’t cook with so many onions 😢


Hahaha. Nice one.

Wishing you success always.

I knew you had kids, but didn't know how old they were, I guess I thought they were younger then they looked. lol You don't look old enough to have a kid in college! lol By the time I have a kid in college I will be like 65 probably LOL


Haha kind of you to say man. I'm 47 and he's 19 so the math will tell ya I'm plenty old hahaha.


hahaha that is cool. My brother Jared, the hiking video guy, is 47! and he has a 19 year old a 21 year old and an 11 year old. haha yeah you are plenty old. haha I just turned 40 in may, and feel old!

Hey its leam. Thx for the great summer. I all ready can't wait for the next one. Thank you to all the dtube people for the wonderful feedback it really helped me grow.