Now that I opened all my dCrops packs, what did I get?

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Have you bought any dCrops packs?

When I first heard of this new game, I decided to buy 100 Card Packs. That gave me an extra 10 Packs for Free! There are Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary cards. Of course Legendary cards are usually best so you want as many of them as possible!

With a Legendary drop rate of 1.6% I figured I might get 8 or 9 Legendary cards. 110 packs with 5 cards per pack is 550 cards, and 1.6% of 550 is 8.8.

So now that I have opened all 110 packs that I bought, let's see what I ended up with.

Here are all my dCrops Cards!

dcrops game on HIVE

16 LEGENDARY, Yayyyy! 😀👍 Twice as many as I should have expected.

The dCrops Website

dCrops Blog


I have a lot of awesome Legendary cards and plenty of extra Common, Rare and Epic cards to trade or sell or combine. I'm looking forward to the next stage of this game!

Good luck to all current and future dCrops players and card collectors!!! 😀👍