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Hey Creators!

How to get more confident on the camera ?

My Gear:

Canon 77D Camera
Canon 10-18mm F4.5-5.6 IS Lens
Canon 50mm f1.8 STM Lens
Canon 24mm F2.8 STM Lens
Huawei Y7 2018
Gitup Git2 Action Cam
SIRUI 3T- 35R Tripod
Joby Gorilla Pod
Rode Video Micro Mic
Blue Yeti Mic
SIRUI T2205X Tripod
XBox One Controller
Manfrotto 190GO Tripod
Manfrotto MVH500AH Fluid Head

All images and text published in this post are my original work. Please Use your own original content.If you want to use some of my content please don't hesitate to contact me and i'll do the best to help you out.

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Yeh I rhink a skateboard run in slow motion through those pidgeons would be pretty rad 😎

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I've got to buy one for myself, I want to learn to skate actually!


lol. Weird angles but it makes the vlog more entertaining.


Yeah definitely!

Build your self confidence is the only way!!!



I'm camera shy.


I was too, Practice makes perfect!

thank you for your suggestion its helpful @romafedorov


No worries man, Glad to help!

Just keep doing it! You'll get more comfortable over time.


Yeah definitely, Consistency is key. I'm doing it on the daily!

heh! I know this place! I miss Chiang Mai so much:)


That's awesome man, Where are you staying now and when are you coming back ?


I would like to come back next year. Two years ago I spent in Chiang Mai a week during the Lantern Festival. It was great time! How long are you there?


I'm almost 2 years here in total, It's my second home now !
Love this place, If you'll ever come make sure to contact me!